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We Need Your Help.


The FANFOOD Network of Sports Bars is over 10,000 strong and we are in the process of verifying them all.

We may have the name and location, but we need to know if they are FAN worthy.

This is where we need your help.

Have you been to this sports bar? Would you recommend this venue to watch a game? Is the information we have listed accurate? Can you add any information that we don’t have?

When you help us verify a location, we will ask you these questions and more.

Anyone can verify a sports bar from the FANFOOD Network and your time is greatly appreciated.

With your help we will keep our database current and provide our FANs with the most comprehensive listing of sports bars and grills on the internet.

We won’t stop until ever sports bar in the FANFOOD Network is verified.

Please enter any information you have for this location.

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    if this is your Sports Bar, please enter your contact information
  • Boddingtons Pub Ale,Iron City Beer,Fat Tire, etc (separated with commas)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers,New York Yankees,University of Arizona Wildcats, etc.
  • DC STEELERS Nation (DCSN), University of Arizona Alumni Association of DC (CapitalCats)
  • DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon Fios, Local Channels only, etc.
  • DirecTV Sports Pack (basic), NFL Network, Big Ten Network, Local Channels only, etc.
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    if yes, enter the menu URL below and/or upload the menu
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    if yes, enter the events calendar URL and/or upload the file
    if yes enter the URL below and/or upload coupons
    if yes, enter the URL of the sports bar's logo and/or upload the file
  • enter the URL of where only the image is located, for example: (
  • It is important for us know what you think about the service, how the staff interacts with the FANs, as well as your overall viewing experience.

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