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- Week 15 Results - 


3 Hits

4 Misses

Season to date: 63-42



NFL week 15 Recap 


Loser Edition



Denver lost to San Diego because Wes Welker was out and you can’t expect Peyton to pull out a win with only 5 good wide receivers. If I were Peyton Manning, anytime a reporter asked me about my struggles in a game I would respond with, “Yeah, sorry I threw that interception. Did I mention that my neck was so messed up they had to fuse it together like a robot in ‘Pacific Rim’ less than two years ago? Next question.”


New England

There’s nothing funnier to me than seeing Tom Brady throw an interception to lose a game. You know he plays it cool, but as soon as he walks into the locker room he starts throwing bottles of Evian water everywhere. I bet he goes home, locks himself in the bathroom, and angrily applies various gels and putties to his illustrious hair for hours while mumbling curse words under his breath.



No team can blow a lead like the Cleveland Browns. There’s no way Josh Gordon wants to sign a long-term contract with this team. He’s responsible for approximately 9,000 yards over the past five weeks, but his team still finds a way to lose. What if Josh Gordon holds a nationally televised press conference then announces he’s signing with the Miami Dolphins? The citizens of Cleveland would march like Revolutionary War soldiers down to Florida and declare war.



Does Mike Shanahan just hate his job? He benched RG3 for the year, you know, because he needs to be healthy in case an NBA team picks him up next month. Now, his team gets a touchdown with just seconds left at the end of the game, he decides to go for two instead of taking it to overtime. Rumors have it that he went for it so the game would be over because he’s a big “Homeland” fan and wanted to make sure he was home in time to watch it live, avoiding any chance of spoilers.



The Vikings were missing 80% of their offense on Sunday, since Adrian Peterson was out. Apparently the Eagles did what the rest of the world did, and completely overlooked the Christian Ponder-less Vikings. Minnesota put up 48 points on the shoulders of Matt Asiata who is the 37th string running back for the team. If you don’t recognize his name, it’s because, before this week, his only NFL accomplishment was completing the tutorial on Madden 09.


New York Giants

Wait, so you mean to tell me that there are actually people who picked the Seahawks to lose to the Giants this week? There’s a better chance of Eli Manning being cast as Othello. Here’s a few other roles Eli Manning probably wouldn’t be selected for:

  • Man who loves books
  • Any part besides the starring role in a “Simon Birch” prequel
  • Guy who can read above a 6th grade learning level
  • Businessman who doesn’t eat cereal for every meal



I’m sure everyone in Jacksonville and Buffalo had this date circled on their calendar for months. Also under the circle it said, “find something else to do today, because football is dead.” There were some points put up, even without Maurice Jones-Drew on the field, but in the end, the real losers were the people unfortunate enough not to have the Redzone Channel and had to watch this game. Don’t get me wrong, both teams played hard, but it had as much playoff implications as the time you and your fat cousin Ricky raced down a hill on Razr scooters.


New Orleans

It was bizarro week as Drew Brees was completely shut down. The only thing that ran worse than the Saints’ offense was the ObamaCare website. Luckily for the Saints, almost every other division leading team lost this week so no one will notice that Zac Stacy ran over them like Brad Pitt at the beginning of “Meet Joe Black.” If you haven’t seen that movie in a while, now’s a great time to see Brad Pitt bounce off a series of cars like a beautiful pinball machine.



HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! All the experts want to talk about how great Tony Romo is, and how critics unfairly judge him. This is exactly why the jokes will never stop. It’s not that Romo throws interceptions, all quarterbacks do. The problem is that his timing is like a guy who wants to high five you at your dad’s funeral. By the way, Romo may not be the best on the field under pressure, but no one is a bigger toddler than Dez Bryant. The last wide receiver that behaved like that ended up doing sit-ups in his front yard hoping a team would sign him.


New York Jets

The Jets lost, which probably wasn’t a shock to anyone except Santonio Holmes who said before the game that the Panthers’ secondary was the weakest link of their defense. That’s a good idea, Santonio. You always want to motivate a defense to play even harder when your quarterback is Geno “At Least I’m Not Mark Sanchez, Right?” Smith. Maybe next week he against the Browns he’ll give all of the cornerbacks stilts or make all of his offensive linemen wear blindfolds. Great job, Santonio!



The Titans rallied back from a 17-point deficit, only to lose in overtime. That basically sums up the entire season for the Titans, who are always a threat, but can rarely finish off a game. They’re like if “Dexter” was a football team. I know “Dexter” ended months ago, but that show’s final season still pisses me off.



You know how a team will usually lose because of blown coverage or poor throws? The Bengals decided to take a different approach and threw their game away with botched punts and unintentional fair catches. How do you accidentally call for a fair catch? It’s like accidentally riding a horse onto the field. “Oh I can’t do that? Sorry, I actually forgot I was riding on a horse. This happens at least six or seven times per day, to be honest.” Get your life together, Cedric Peerman.



The Texans have lost 12 games in a row. TWELVE games. Maybe Matt Schaub wasn’t the problem after all, huh? The fans were so happy to get Case Keenum, whose name sounds like an episode of Scandal, but the results turned out the same. Better luck in 7 years, Texans!


Tampa Bay

Tampa may have lost, but the weirdest moment of the game was when Michael Crabtree missed a pass and, instead of walking back to the huddle, he grabbed the ball and threw it as far as he possibly could. What happened? Did he have the same surgery as Henry Rowengartner from “Rookie of the Year” and can no longer control his arm’s strength? Somebody let Daniel Stern know we have a new pitcher for the Cubs!



I’ve tried to defend Matt Stafford as much as possible, but games like that make it tough to justify him. He throws more interceptions than a drunk Tim Tebow. I don’t understand how it’s possible to throw an interception with Calvin Johnson on your team. You could throw underhand in his direction twelve feet in the air and he’d be the only one who could catch it. The Ravens are now in a wildcard spot so get ready for all those fans who were HUGE Ravens fans during the Super Bowl last year to suddenly remember how much they love their team and start wearing their jerseys again. Welcome back!

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With all that behind us, here are the FANFOOD Fantasy Football 3 IN/OUT results for week 15 followed by a recipe for Chicken Sloppy Joes.



For most leagues, your team needs at least 110 points to have a chance of winning. You never want to concern yourself with what your opponent is doing, just aim to get to this number, hope for more and let the chips fall where they may. To reach this goal you will need (at minimum) 12 points from each of your starting skill positions (over 20 from your QB; more than a few from your kicker and at least 11 from your defense). This is the threshold for the IN/OUT predictions.


Here are the basic league settings that we are basing our predictions on…

QB,2WR,2RB,TE,FLEX (w/r/t), K, DST
TDs=6 pts0 pts allowed=10
passing=25 yds/pt2-6=7
receiving=10 yds/pt7-13=4
rushing=10 yds/pt14-20=1
reception=1 pt21-27=0
blocked kick=5
Return Yds=50 yds/pt








Trent Richardson rushed 19 times for 64 yards in Indianapolis’ Week 15 win over the Texans, adding four catches for an additional 38 yards and a touchdown. Thrust into a lead role after Donald Brown departed with a first-quarter stinger, T-Rich had his best game as a Colt from a yardage perspective. His nine-yard score came on a shovel pass from Andrew Luck. Although the yards were nice, Richardson was far from impressive. 50 of his yards came in the fourth quarter of a non-competitive game, while he was still far too slow to the hole. Richardson was routinely beaten to his spots by Houston’s defense. He was stopped for two yards or fewer an astonishing 14 times.


Chris Ivory had 11 carries for 66 yards in Sunday’s Week 15 loss to the Panthers. Ivory led the Jets in carries for the third straight week, but lost snaps to Bilal Powell with the Jets playing from behind. He was mostly held in check outside of a 35-yard run in the second quarter and didn’t factor in the passing game.


Anquan Boldin caught three balls for 43 yards in the 49ers’ Week 15 win over Tampa Bay. Boldin took a backseat against the Bucs as Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree did more heavy lifting in San Francisco’s passing attack. Boldin has been a WR3 since his Week 1 explosion.






Matt Ryan completed 29-of-38 passes for 210 yards, one touchdown, and one interception in Week 15 against the Redskins. Ryan averaged a lousy 5.5 YPA as he was under pressure all day, just as he has been all year long behind one of the league’s worst offensive lines. Ryan spread the ball around, targeting each of Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, and Harry Douglas a team-high seven times. Matty Ice hooked up with Gonzo for a 13-yard score in the first quarter. The two came one yard short of another touchdown strike in the second half.


Charles Clay caught one pass for six yards in Miami’s Week 15 win over the Patriots. Clay was targeted only twice, and out-produced by Michael Egnew. It was a baffling day against a Patriots’ linebacker corps that’s struggled in coverage this season. Fantasy owners have to shake off the dud heading into the final week of the playoffs. Clay entered Week 15 as fantasy’s No. 7 tight end on the season.


T.Y. Hilton caught eight passes for 78 yards in Indianapolis’ Week 15 win over the Texans. Hilton had six catches in the game’s first 17 minutes, but the Colts took their foot off the gas in a game that was never close. Houston’s incompetence likely cost Hilton’s fantasy owners a much bigger day. Either way, the catches were a new season high, while the yards were Hilton’s most since Week 10.


In a complete meltdown, the Eagles’ secondary was shredded by Matt Cassel, who passed for 382 yards and two touchdowns. Crisis emerged at both corner and safety, where all four starters struggled. At corner, Cary Williams was toasted more than once, penalized for roughness and eventually sat for reserve Roc Carmichael. Slot cornerback Brandon Boykin left to be checked for a head injury and never returned. At safety, Patrick Chung got benched after a first-quarter touchdown, Kurt Coleman missed tackles and then got injured, and Colt Anderson had a huge third-down mishap before he left with an injury, leaving the coaches with no choice but to go back to Chung.Chung hadn’t been playing well in Wolff’s place over the past few weeks and it took only one mishap, a 57-yard touchdown catch by Greg Jennings in the first quarter, for the coaches to insert Coleman. “Yeah, I think Kurt has done a good job in practice and just trying to find out — since Earl has been down — trying to find out where we are,” said Kelly, explaining the Chung demotion. “I think Kurt deserves some time and we’re just trying to figure out who can play.” The Vikes used a lot of double moves to combat the Eagles’ press coverage and get separation for Cassel, who had four connections of at least 30 yards. “They put us in some situations where we needed to make plays,” Fletcher said, “and we didn’t.” Overall the Eagles DST was a dud in week 15, even with 3 sacks and an INT, they only mustered about 5 points for your FF team.






Chicken Sloppy Joes



1 (3 lb.) chicken
1 sm. onion, diced
1/4 tsp. smoked see salt
2 c. Your favorite BBQ Sauce
3 T. cornstarch
2 cans chicken broth
1 sm. green pepper, diced



Wash and cut chicken up to fit in a large crock-pot.
Put on green pepper, smoked sea salt, onion, BBQ, and chicken broth.
You may need to add a little more water to almost cover chicken.
Turn on crock-pot and cook for 4 to 6 hours, or until chicken falls off the bone.

When chicken is done, take out of crock-pot and debone.
Place meat pieces in frypan.
Add 1 1/2 cups of the broth from crock-pot.
Bring to a low boil. Mix up cornstarch and add to chicken to thicken. mix with some leftover BBQ sauce Serve on buns.



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