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- Week 12 Results- 


5 Hits

2 Misses

Season to date: 53 – 31


Week 12 Recap – Loser Edition


Well, week 12 has come and gone. If your team lost, let’s take just a moment to examine why this happened and how we can prevent future calamities. It may seem like we’re just making fun of them, but it’s coming from a place of love. It’s constructive criticism.



After getting crushed by the almighty Tampa Bay Buccaneers less than a week before, did anyone think the Falcons had a chance against the Saints? Atlanta is proving this year that a lot of great players don’t equal a great team. It’s like when your cousin would play you in Madden and he would pick one of the Pro Bowl teams, and then make your team someone terrible. You would still beat him because you knew how to do all the juke moves and hot routes while he just pounded the sprint button over and over. Just admit that you suck and get out of my room, Danny!



Miami was up 16-6 at halftime and everything looked great for the Tannehill gang. Then at halftime Richie Incognito put a gypsy curse on the team and caused them to fall apart faster than a Don Shula house party that was secretly a front for an orgy. I’m just assuming no one wants to see Don Shula’s naked body. The Dolphins had a chance to win it on a last second Hail Mary, but Mike “Hey, at least I’m fast” Wallace let it fall though his buttery hands.



The big story from the Bears and Rams game was when Chris Long, of the Rams, got into a scuffle and was pulled out by Kyle Long who, get this, is his brother! This isn’t the first time a player has saved his brother from a potentially bad situation. In 1998, Ronde Barber stopped Tiki Barber from getting into a scuffle, which would have been a huge penalty against Tiki. Also in 2009 Peyton Manning helped his brother Eli get his head stuck out of a vending machine after Reggie Wayne had bet Eli $13 he couldn’t do it. Peyton eventually had to call the fire department, but Eli kept yelling the whole time, “Haha you owe me $13!”


New York Jets

Can we just stop saying the Jets are a playoff team? They’re awful. Sure they have a few nice wins, but you can’t be this horribly inconsistent and expect to make a run at the playoffs. When your top player for the day is a runningback with 41 yards, your season is in trouble. By the way, that player was Bilal Powell, whose first name sounds like a character from Street Fighter 2 throwing a fireball.



The Texans have now lost nine games in a row and now have the worst record in the NFL. They lost to Jacksonville. That’s like losing to Glass Joe on Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. I know they have some injuries on offense and Andre Johnson has been doing his best Dez Bryant impression as he storms off the field crying, but what about that swarming defense everyone feared coming into the season? That’s a cool Biore Strip you have on your nose, JJ Watt. How about you worry about your pores later and maybe lead your team to a win?



Tampa has now won three in a row, and Detroit looks as inconsistent as ever. Matt Stafford had four interceptions, while Mike Glennon, who got the job by collecting six proof of purchases from General Mills’ cereal boxes, played nearly perfect. His top receiver was, of course, Tiquan Underwood, who you may remember from the House Party movies.



Oh, Cleveland. The Browns got destroyed by the Steelers,  Josh Gordon broke the Browns record for most receiving yards in a game, which would be amazing if I could name more than two good wide receivers the Browns have ever had.


Kansas City

I love this so much. Every Kansas City fan whined and moaned that the Chiefs weren’t getting respect for their victories over the Bills, Browns, Texans, the Milwaukee School for the Blind, Hamilton High School’s Junior Varsity Team, and the Third Shift Crew from the Burger King on 8th Street. Look what happens when they play a halfway decent team; they lose. It’s not that the Chiefs are a bad team, they’re just not as good as everyone was trying to make them out to be. Remember that dominant defense everyone was bragging about? They had more points put on them this week than Jerome Simpsons’ driving record. Good luck next week against Denver.



The Raiders are on their 700th starting quarterback in the last five years, and it’s none other than Matt McGloin? Matt McGloin sounds like a terrible prank call name a middle school kid would come up with. “Who is this? Sure pal, I bet it’s Matt McGloin. Stop pranking my house or I’ll call the police.” If you’ve forgotten, the Raiders also gave away two first round draft picks for Carson Palmer, who is no longer on the team as well as every player’s firstborn child for Matt Flynn who was working as a server at Fuddruckers in Lexington, Kentucky before the Packers swooped him up after going through 43 other QBs.



Are the Cardinals this good or is Indianapolis that bad? It’s yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure; Colts’ fans will never stop crying about Reggie Wayne being injured. Sure it’s a loss, but you have to move on. They’re like that pudgy guy sitting at the end of the bar at 3pm in a high school letterman’s jacket talking about playing for the district title in 1992. Move on, buddy, you look disgusting and everyone feels sorry for you.


New York Giants

The Cowboys move to 6-5 and finally shut people up on saying the Giants are going to make a run for the playoffs. Every sports show is so desperate to brag about the Jets or the Giants that they come up with these outlandish scenarios where each team is a contender. “Well if Bane from Batman is actually real and blows up the field of 60% of the teams in the league, then the Giants have a real shot at grabbing that last wild card spot. If you’re a Giants fan, there’s still hope!” Just stop. They’ve got as much chance as making the playoffs as David Wilson does of getting a front hug from Tom Coughlin.



Can we talk about something for just a second? Will someone please get Peyton Manning a bigger helmet so he doesn’t look like he just exited a birth canal after every game? No other player has those weird red marks on their faces every time they take off their helmets. Is it a budget issue? Is he contractually obligated by Papa John to stuff a slice of Papa John’s pizza into his helmet after each quarter? Either way, the Patriots comeback overtime win was huge for all the annoying fans across the country who became the biggest Pats fan after they kept winning championships, and make the Kansas City vs Denver game next week extremely interesting.

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For most leagues, your team needs at least 110 points to have a chance of winning. You never want to concern yourself with what your opponent is doing, just aim to get to this number, hope for more and let the chips fall where they may. To reach this goal you will need (at minimum) 12 points from each of your starting skill positions (over 20 from your QB; more than a few from your kicker and at least 11 from your defense). This is the threshold for the IN/OUT predictions.


Here are the basic league settings that we are basing our predictions on…

QB,2WR,2RB,TE,FLEX (w/r/t), K, DST
TDs=6 pts0 pts allowed=10
passing=25 yds/pt2-6=7
receiving=10 yds/pt7-13=4
rushing=10 yds/pt14-20=1
reception=1 pt21-27=0
blocked kick=5
Return Yds=50 yds/pt


With all that behind us, here are the FANFOOD Fantasy Football 3 IN/OUT results for week 12 followed by a recipe for Smoked Short Rib “Pot Roast”








Pierre Thomas rushed 10 times for 73 yards in the Saints’ Week 12 win over the Falcons, adding five catches for an additional 57 yards. Thomas did everything but get into the end zone, stiff-arming defenders in the open field, and piling up yards after first contact on nearly every touch. The highlight came early in the third quarter, where Thomas turned a broken screen on a 2nd-and-17 into an 18-yard gain. A quarter later, he gained 16 yards on a 2nd-and-15 from the Saints’ own eight-yard line. Thomas entered Week 12 having cleared 80 yards from scrimmage in six straight games, but his 130 total yards this evening were a new season high. He’s now up to 56 catches. Thomas is a legitimate RB2 when Darren Sproles isn’t in the lineup, and a strong FLEX even when he is.


Jordan Cameron was held to three catches for 32 yards in Sunday’s Week 12 loss to the Steelers. Cameron struggled with three drops, including a wide-open one-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. He saw more targets with Brandon Weeden at quarterback in the second half, but still hasn’t found the end-zone since Week 7. Cameron hasn’t shown the ability to consistently make plays downfield and is only getting open when matched up with linebackers.


Lamar Miller rushed 10 times for eight yards and caught four passes for 39 yards in Sunday’s Week 12 loss to the Panthers. Miller had no shot against the Panthers’ elite front seven, routinely taking hits behind the line of scrimmage and getting knocked back for huge losses when he tried to escape. The only silver lining for owners is that Daniel Thomas went down with what looked like a serious ankle injury. There’s potential for Miller to finally be an every-down back come Week 13, but he’ll be facing an elite Jets run defense while playing with an inept offensive line.


Kendall Wright caught six passes for 103 yards with a touchdown in Sunday’s 23-19 Week 12 win at Oakland.
It was a special performance from Wright. Consistently making tough catches over the middle and churning up extra yards with some serious fight, the second-year man came up huge on the game-winning drive with three catches for 41 yards and the score. Oddly enough, it was his first touchdown since Week 2 even though he’s now averaging an impressive 5.9 catches for 69.3 yards on the season. The floodgates aren’t going to suddenly open, but Ryan Fitzpatrick has not been a downgrade at all on Jake Locker. Wright is going to sustain WR3 value heading into a plus matchup with the reeling Colts in Week 13.


They were written off as being over the hill, washed up and done for the season following an 0-4 start and, later, a punishing and record-setting loss to the Patriots. Somehow, relying on the perseverance veteran players acquire while dealing with unexpected defeat, they’ve revived their season with a remarkable turnaround perhaps only they expected. The Steelers DST forced four turnovers, recorded five sacks, knocked Browns starting quarterback Jason Campbell from the game with a concussion and improved to 25-5 against Cleveland since 1999. The Steelers didn’t have a turnover, only two penalties and scored 17 points off Cleveland miscues. ”We are playing winning football,” said safety Troy Polamalu, who stripped Browns running back Chris Ogbonnaya late in the first half





Tavon Austin rushed for a 65-yard touchdown in St. Louis’ Week 12 win over the Bears, adding two catches for an additional 39 yards. Austin’s score, which was his lone rushing attempt of the afternoon, was a thing of beauty. Austin took an end-around and completely changed direction on a dime. He then shook two tackles, got a nice block and was off to the races. The No. 8 overall pick of April’s draft has four all-purpose scores over his past two games, but just eight targets in the passing game to show for it.


Rueben Randle caught three passes for 64 yards in the Giants’ Week 12 loss to the Cowboys. Eli Manning only passed for 174 yards, so there wasn’t much production to be divvied up among his receivers. Randle’s 64 yards led the team. Hakeem Nicks (groin) is tentatively due back for Week 13 against Washington, but if he isn’t Randle will be a WR2/3 option in fantasy leagues. Randle’s big-play ability showed up Sunday on a 16-yard punt return and 22-yard reception.







Smoked Short Rib “Pot Roast”





3 large Beef Short Ribs
2 ribs of celery, diced.
4 potatoes, diced.
4 large carrots, peeled and diced.
3 cloves of garlic, minced.
1/2 cup of flour.
Enough beef broth to cover everything. About 2 quarts.



Trimmed the fat off of the short ribs.

Seasoned all sides with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic.

Put in top rack of smoker at 250 F with two pieces of pecan in the ash pan. Then pull after one hour.

While the short ribs are getting happy in the smoker, prepared the veggies. Course chop them all.

Put in a Dutch Oven. Add the flour and mix.

Add the broth and stir until smooth and incorporated.

Pull the ribs from the smoker, place in the broth, and cover. Cook for five hours at 250 F.

The hour of smoke time is really going to make this “pot roast” over the top.



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