As I mentioned in my last post, now is not the time to start plugging and playing FF players. This is the championship week. Your stars have gotten you this far and now it is down to two teams and the all important weekly matchup. As the saying goes, “dance with the girl that brung ya”.





This is true on so many levels. In our game, when it comes to your team’s starting defense it isn’t. Way back in the preseason, I wrote about drafting a defense. I said then, “While picking the right Special Teams/Defense is crucial to winning your fantasy league, there isn’t huge separation between the average Defense/Special Teams. If you don’t get one of the top squads, pick the team you like to root for, but don’t over-reach. You really don’t have to start picking a defense until the middle rounds.


If you ended up with one of these average squads there is no reason to be loyal at this point and as we all know, you just have to score more points as a team than your opponent. Here are 8 DST that are most likely available that you should consider starting for your championship matchup followed by a recipe for Grilled Stuffed Peaches



1. Indianapolis Colts @ KC
2. San Diego Chargers @ NYJ
3. Miami Dolphins vs. BUF
4. Washington Redskins @ PHI
5. Arizona Cardinals vs. CHI
6. Carolina Panthers vs. OAK
7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. STL
8. Buffalo Bills @ MIA


Indianapolis Colts @ KC

Last week the LIONS DST was a very popular pick up. I recommended them like many so called “experts”. They WERE facing the Cardinals offense you know. The Lions DST “rewarded” their teams by only putting up three fantasy points and showed us all the risk of going with a bad defense solely because of their matchup. I don’t believe in lightning striking twice. The Colts are not that great as a DST unit, but they have averaged 14 fantasy points per game in their past three contests against bad offenses (Buffalo, Jacksonville, Tennessee).


San Diego Chargers @ NYJ

The JETS offense stinks and turns the ball over often. Mark Sanchez alone has done this over 20 times in 13 games and with 7 defensive touchdowns scored on fumble recoveries and interceptions, the Chargers qualify as an opportunistic defense. I say pick them up, and make watching this game more interesting for you.


Miami Dolphins vs. BUF

The ‘Fins take on the Buffalo Bills at home this week. The Bills are doing their usual late season slide, due in part to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s poor play. They have allowed opposing DST double digit scores three of the last four games and that includes St. Louis, Indianapolis and Miami at home in Buffalo.The Dolphins are best against the run, which is the Bills strength, having given up only six rushing touchdowns to running backs this season and 3.7 yards per carry. If they can hold Spiller to an average game, that puts Fitzgerald in the spotlight, which is good news for the defense. If you cannot get one of the two above, roll the dice with Miami.




Grilled Stuffed Peaches

4 Large Peaches
1 cup fresh raspberries
1/3 cup brown sugar
3 Tbs lemon juice
smoked sea salt

Wash Peaches, cut in half and remove pit.

Place Peaches on heavy duty aluminum foil, spoon 2 Tbs of berries in each half.

Sprinkle sugar evenly, squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle smoked sea salt on each

Seal each peach and place on hot grill. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes turning once.

Remove from heat, slit pouch and serve.



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