How to Win your ROTO League


The first thing you need to do is to understand your league and your settings. As I mentioned in the fantasy baseball kit, there is a difference between Rotisserie (ROTO) and Head to Head (H2H) leagues. But, there is much more you need to do than just understand them to win.  This article is all about ROTO and how to win your league, followed by a recipe for Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breasts.


In traditional ROTO, there are usually ten stats involved: batting average, runs, home runs, RBI, stolen bases, ERA, wins, saves, WHIP, and strikeouts. ROTO essentially gives you points for having the best stats possible in comparison to the rest of your league. Nobody can win every category, so in order to win your league you will need to put up strong numbers in all of the measured categories. I am going to assume you are in a traditional league and here is how you win it:


Set Your Goals

Before your draft, you must have an understanding of what it will take to win. If you play in a 10-team league with competitive, active owners, a point total of 82 will likely put you at or near the top of your standings. For example, if you tally rotisserie points of ten, nine, eight and two sevens in both the batting and pitching segments you will have totaled 82 points. Start with this number and adjust it if your league has more categories and/or more/less teams to get to your total point goal.


Establish Your Thresholds

To earn these 7-10 points you will need to access the final standings of your league from years past. Take note of what it took in the past to get you these numbers for each stat.  For example in 10-team league they typically are: runs (1,030-1,150); home runs (268-310); runs batted in (1,035-1,080); average (.273-.289); stolen bases (190-205); wins (89-105); strikeouts (1,325-1,400); saves (125-140); earned run average (2.96-3.48) and walks and hits per inning pitched (1.15-1.19). As you can see in many of the categories, the gap from earning 7-10 to points is less than 10 percent over a full six-month season.


Plan Your Draft

So you want to win some categories, and finish strong in the others? Here is how you can get those numbers:

10′s (2) – You have to win at least two categories, let’s say, HRs & Strikeouts. In order to dominate HRs, you need to stick with power hitters throughout your draft.  The great thing about them is that for every HR they hit, they score a run, and at least 1 RBI. When it comes to pitching, you can focus on pitchers that have a high K/9 innings.  Pitchers that miss a lot of bats, have lower earned run averages, (ERA) and walks and hits per inning pitched. (WHIP).


9′s  (2)  –  Dominating power will get you close to the top of the standing for your leagues RBI category as I just said.  That’s just a given. Dominating strikeouts (K) will get you close to the top of your earned run average (ERA) category.  This is not always true if you have a starts from a bunch of middle of the road starting pitching. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about streaming starters and when you are playing the waiver wire.


8′s (2) – By drafting many power hitters, you will also be near the top of standings of your runs category. A power hitter crosses the plate every time they hit a home run, but keep in mind, that they usually are not fleet of foot and may not score from second when the player behind them hits a single. Drafting high strikeout pitchers will get you near the top of the standings in your WHIP category, that is unless the rest of your staff is allowing runners to score.


7′s (4) – There are not a lot of true power hitters out there that hit for high averages.  You are going to have positions on your team that you will want to reserve for players that get on base often and have speed. You can add speed later in the draft by getting a couple one tool, 40 stolen base players. They alone will get your team above average points for stolen bases and runs scored.  This brings us to pitching.  High strikeout ace starting pitchers will get their fair share of wins.  High strikeout middle relievers and closers will get theirs as well.  If you focus strictly on wins, you will have to start many different pitchers throughout the season to get you those elusive wins, leaving your team at risk of a high ERA and WHIP.


Now that you have an idea of what it will take to win your league you can turn your focus on how you will reach those numbers. Once you establish the threshold for each category that you need to reach for your league, the next step is to establish player projections.


Draft Stats

In my opinion, the key is to zero in on the stats that you want to win and draft to win those stats. I suggest focusing on home runs, strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP. The easiest way to focus on and win these stats is by going after power hitters, ace starters, and premier set-up pitchers. It is imperative in rotisserie style leagues to stay away from high-WHIP or low-batting average players.


Projecting Projections 

Use your projections on draft day and keep a running tally of how your team is being built by updating the way you project each draft pick to impact your team in each stat category. Each time you draft a new player you will simply plug their projections in against the number you need to achieve and build a complete, competitive team. When you approach your draft this way you will be able to snag some key bargain picks to address your teams’ needs.   By building your team to be strong in each category you don’t have to worry about having glaring holes on your team and will have built a solid foundation for your season through the draft. Putting in a little extra time as you prepare for your draft will allow you to sit back and pile up the points once the season starts while the other owners are scrambling to fill their team out in areas that they neglected or missed during the draft.


Do Your Own Researchdon’t rely on your league’s r rankings

By preparing and doing the research, you will be better prepared than 90% of the people you go up against on draft day.  The vast majority of owners use the suggested picks list provided by the website you run your league at, but the problem with that is you won’t be updated on the latest injuries, position battles, and potential breakouts.


Have a Backup Plan

So what happens if your top players get hurt? This is where your research comes into play.  You will know what numbers you need to get from each roster spot to win, and what you will be missing as the player heals from injury.  If you drafted properly, you will have a backup player that you could use during this time, and if not, you will have done the research, and will know what players are available for that position and pick them up.


Don’t Be Reluctant to Change

Everyone thinks their draft is the best, and you may be right.  This doesn’t mean you can’t make adjustments throughout the season.  A team might give up on a player that is scuffling, or hurt.  If this is one of those players you were looking at in the spring and targeting for your draft, and that player become available, don’t be afraid to drop one of yours to get them.  The teams that don’t make the necessary adjustments throughout the season end up at the bottom of the standings.


It’s a Long Seasonstay busy

It’s a long season and a lot can happen, but if you go into it by drafting a complete, competitive team with the goal of dominating a few categories, putting up strong numbers in the rest, and you stay busy, you will come out on top.






Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breasts



4 Chicken Breasts

1/2 cup grated Gruyere Cheese

1/3 Cup read-made pesto sauce

3 Tbs pine nuts

8 large button mushrooms

1 medium Onion


Place a chicken breast between two pieces of wax paper. Pound flat with a mallet.

Mix Cheese, pesto sauce, pine nuts and onions. Spoon 2 Tablespoons of the mixture onto each chicken breast and roll tightly. Skewer shut, and apply mushroom to each end, held closely with a chunk of onion.

Place on grill over direct heat, grill for about 10 minutes per side until done.









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