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Just like Tight Ends, you only start one. You may be in a league that starts two, and if you are it is time to change leagues. Because of this position scarcity, you have to grab one of the top passers. You will thank me later. Big Ben, and Eli are fine options, but there will be a time when you will have to think about sitting them.



When it comes to the quarterback postion, Ron Popeil has the right idea…”Just Set it and Forget it”.

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Here are some QBs to target (or not to) this year…


Tom Brady, Patriots

He is once again the best QB in the league on paper. So many options, and he will not disappoint. There will be other managers that think other passers are better, let them pick them and get Brady in the 4th round.


Aaron Rodgers, Packers

I drafted him in the first round a couple of years ago, and last year thought he was overrated. Wrong. You will be fine if you pick him as the 1st QB off the board, just not in the 1st round.


Cam Newton, Panthers

If you can believe it, he went undrafted in our league last year. He was quickly added after his week 1 performance and the manager who was smart enough to do it rode him all year. He may have hit his ceiling, but it is still a pretty high one.


Drew Brees, Saints

Goodell really killed the Saints this year, but with or without payton, Drew will have a great year. Sometimes players have down years after signing big contracts, that is a concern, but draft him anyway, grab colston later and enjoy.


Matthew Stafford, Lions

I drafted him as my QB2 last year, and he quickly became my every week starter. That was until he got hurt. I reaped the rewards late in the season, you will too all year long in 2012.


Peyton Manning, Broncos

He still is having a hard time throwing to his right, and is 1 hit away from retiring. I am not sure if he is worth QB1 this year, but if you want to wait, grab some other studs, and take the chance with him, I wouldn’t blame you.


Eli Manning, Giants

Why is that he is still overshadowed by his big brother? He almost had 5000 yards last year and won his second ring. Eli is still not a popeil QB, but if you want to have 2 starting options, he could be one of them.


Robert Griffin III, Redskins

How could I live in the DC Metro area, put together a QB info page, and not include “Bobby Tre”? Even the local sports radio has a segment called RG3-o’clock. It is ridiculous how much attention this guy has received since the ‘skins traded up to the #2 pick in the draft. I am tired of it, but can’t ignore the talent. He is going to have some growing pains in DC, I’ll let you feel them. pass.


Andrew Luck, Colts

I couldn’t write this without including the QB the ‘skins passed on. He is the future of the NFL, has great game smarts, great arm, and he is tough. I wouldn’t count on him as my QB1, but if you feel like carrying 3 QBs this year, he better be one of them, have fun trying to figure out which one to start each week.




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