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-   Week 11  –

Each week, the FANFOOD 3 IN/OUT will not include players that are locks for your starting rosters, just the ones that are considered “fringe” starters. The 3 IN/OUT are the ones that you may have on the bench or ones that you can find on the waiver wire. Either way, they are the players you should start and players you need to bench. This week we will talk about 6 players that can help or hurt your team in week 11.  And as always, it’s followed by a great recipe.

This time it’s Grilled Rib Eye Roast

Lets get to it.



3 IN



Matt Carpenter – 1B/2B/3B/RF, STL

week 11 matchups: @NYM, @MIA

Matt Carpenter extended his hitting streak to 15 games Thursday against the Diamondbacks, going 2-for-5, with a homer and two runs scored. He has eight extra-base hits and 16 runs scored during the streak while only striking out 5 times in 65 at-bats. If for some reason you have him on your bench you are not playing this game. Ride the streak.


David Freese 3B, STL

week 11 matchups: @NYM, @MIA

David Freese has a streak of his own going one. A career-high 15 games. He is batting 22 for 56 with three home runs, four doubles, eight runs and 14 RBI during the streak and his batting average has soared from .209 to .278 . “It’s baseball,” Freese said, per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “You’re going to have your ups and downs. Some guys will pick you up when you’re not doing well and hopefully you can pick up some guys when they’re not doing too well. If you consistently hit the ball hard you’re going to do what you need to do.


Kyle Seager 2B/3B, SEA

week 11 matchups: vs HOU, @ OAK

Kyle Seager plated the Mariners’ lone run with an RBI double in Thursday’s loss to the Yankees. Speaking of hit streaks, Seager is now riding a 10-game hitting streak in which he’s hit .366 (15-for-41) with a pair of homers and six RBI. On the season, he sports an impressive .287/.352/.483 line with eight bombs and 29 RBI and he broke a MLB record. He belted a game-tying grand slam in the 14th inning of Wednesday’s game against Chicago. He became the first player in major league history to hit a game-tying grand slam in extra innings. Seager’s grand slam was his eighth HR of the season.






Nick Swisher 1B, RF

week 11 matchups: @ TEX, vs WAS

Swisher has been mired in a slump, going 1-for-24 over his last seven games. He has walked five times over that span with three runs scored. His return to New York was met with cheers, but it didn’t translate to the plate.


Alex Gordon LF, KC

week 11 matchups: vs DET, @ TB

Speaking of slumps, Alex has cooled off leaving him just 6 for his last 34 at bats. Gordon, who has three doubles, no RBI and 11 strikeouts in his last nine games, has seen his batting average drop from .338 to .315. Before this nine-game slide, Gordon hit .361 with a .505 slugging percentage, .911 OPS, three home runs, five doubles and 14 RBI in a 24-game stretch from May 1-27. It just goes to show you that you how easy you can go from hot to cold.


Desmond Jennings CF, LF, TB

week 11 matchups: vs BOS, vs KC

Desmond had a nice 7-game hit streak going as the calendar flipped to June, but this game is all about, “what have you done for me lately?”, and it hasn’t been great. Desmond Delane Jennings hasn’t scored a run in June, but has struck out 4 times. On top of that, he tends to play better on the road this year, so with all of his games on the carpet, it’s time to find other options for your outfield.




Two-Start Pitcher of the Week


The FANFOOD 3 IN/OUT Two-start pitcher will not include top tier starters. Those pitchers will always be on your starting roster for the upcoming week. It’s those fringe starters, the ones you use to fill your last roster spot that we think will give you 2 quality starts in one week.


Here are the must start top options and their scheduled opponents in week 11:


Hisashi Iwakuma, 6/10 vs HOU Keuchel 6/16 @ OAK Colon
James Shields, 6/11 vs DET Scherzer 6/16 @ TB Hernandez
Derek Holland, 6/11 vs CLE Kluber 6/16 vs TOR Jenkins
Jered Weaver, 6/10 @ BAL Garcia 6/16 vs NYY Sabathia
CC Sabathia, 6/11 @ OAK Colon 6/16 @ LAA Weaver
Alex Cobb, 6/10 vs BOS Lackey 6/15 vs KC Guthrie
Doug Fister, 6/10 @ KC Guthrie 6/16 @ MIN Walters
Jon Lester, 6/11 @ TB Hernandez 6/16 @ BAL Gonzalez
Matt Garza, 6/11 vs CIN TBD 6/16 @ NYM Gee
Jeff Locke, 6/11 vs SF Zito 6/16 vs LAD Lilly




Homer Bailey, CIN

week 11 starts: 6/10 @ CHC (Feldman) &  6/15 vs MIL (Lohse)

Homer bounced back with a solid outing but settled for a no-decision Tuesday night against the Rockies. Bailey held the Rockies to three runs on six hits and a walk while striking out seven in seven innings. Bailey has allowed three runs or fewer in four of his last five starts. His next scheduled start is Monday against the Cubs at Wrigley Field. He allowed two runs in six innings in his previous meeting with the Cubs on May 25. Later in week 11 he takes on the struggling Brewers at home. I like him as your SP 3/4 in week 11.


Other Two-Start Pitchers for week 11:

Scott Feldman, 6/10 vs CIN Bailey 6/15 @ NYM Hefner
John Lackey, 6/10 @ TB Cobb 6/15 @ BAL Garcia
Cole Hamels, 6/11 @ MIN Walters 6/16 @ COL Garland
Bartolo Colon, 6/11 vs NYY Sabathia 6/16 vs SEA Iwakuma
Matt Cain, 6/12 @ PIT Rodriguez 6/16 @ ATL Teheran
Yovani Gallardo, 6/10 @ MIA Nolasco 6/16 @ CIN TBD
R.A. Dickey, 6/10 @ CHW Axelrod 6/15 @ TEX Ogando
Alexi Ogando, 6/10 vs CLE Kazmir 6/15 vs TOR Dickey
Julio Teheran, 6/10 @ SD Marquis 6/16 vs SF Cain
Dan Haren, 6/11 @ COL Garland 6/16 @ CLE Kazmir
Jeremy Guthrie, 6/10 vs DET Fister 6/15 @ TB Cobb
Wade Miley, 6/10 @ LAD Kershaw 6/16 @ SD Marquis
Ricky Nolasco, 6/10 vs MIL Gallardo 6/16 vs STL Lynn
Barry Zito, 6/11 @ PIT Locke 6/15 @ ATL Minor
Jason Marquis, 6/10 vs ATL Teheran 6/16 vs ARI Miley
Scott Kazmir, 6/10 @ TEX Ogando 6/16 vs WAS Haren
Miguel Gonzalez, 6/11 vs LAA Vargas 6/16 vs BOS Lester
Dillon Gee, 6/11 vs STL Wacha 6/16 vs CHC Garza
Freddy Garcia, 6/10 vs LAA Weaver 6/15 vs BOS Lackey
Dylan Axelrod, 6/10 vs TOR Dickey 6/16 @ HOU Keuchel
Roberto Hernandez, 6/11 vs BOS Lester 6/16 vs KC Shields
Jon Garland, 6/11 vs WAS Haren 6/16 vs PHI Hamels
P.J. Walters, 6/11 vs PHI Hamels 6/16 vs DET Fister
Dallas Keuchel ,6/10 @ SEA Iwakuma 6/16 vs CHW Axelrod
Chad Jenkins, 6/11 @ CHW Quintana 6/16 @ TEX Holland
Dallas Keuchel, 6/10 @ SEA Iwakuma 6/16 vs CHW Axelrod
Chad Jenkins, 6/11 @ CHW Quintana 6/16 @ TEX Holland





Grilled Rib Eye Roast


The rib eye roast comes from the rib section consisting of ribs 6 through 12, it is basically a prime rib roast with the bones removed. Depending on where you live this roast in some locations is simply called boneless rib roast. The rib is a naturally tender, rich flavored cut that is enjoyed by beef lovers worldwide.
The rib eye roast is a superb tasting roast and the secret to acquiring a tender but moist ribeye recipe is to sear the roast first at a high temperature and then move it to indirect heat. This will give the rib eye a nice outer crust and seal in the juices. If tenderness and mouth watering flavor is what you’re craving, grilling rib eye to medium-rare is recommended or at the very most grilling to medium doneness.
Use a mild rub that won’t overpower the beef, because you want to taste the great beefy flavor and this rub adds just a little hint of garlic and rosemary.



1 Rib Eye Rib Roast, a.k.a Boneless Prime Rib Roast


Rib Eye Roast Rub:
6-8 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoons fresh or dried rosemary
2 tablespoons black pepper
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon paprika


Sprinkle heavily on meat and refrigerate 2 to 8 hours in a resealable food bag or sealed container.

Notes: Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of rub for 1 pound of meat. The rub seals in the flavor of the meat, and help form a tasty crust.



About 60 minutes before cooking the rib eye remove from the refrigerator to bring it to room temperature.

Meanwhile, light a fire with charcoal briquettes and allow to burn until covered with a thin layer of gray ash. Move coals to one side of the grill, piling 2-3 briquettes high. Open bottom vents completely and if using wood chunks or wood chips place wood chunks or the containers with wood chips on top of the charcoal and set cooking grate in place.

Open grill lid vents completely and cover, turning the lid so that the vents are opposite the wood chunks or chips to draw smoke through the grill. Let the grill heat for 5 minutes and clean with a wire brush.

Rub the roast with vegetable oil, sprinkle the dry rub and lightly rub the dry rub mixture onto the roast.

Scrape the grill clean with a wire brush, sear the roast on high 2½-3 minutes per side for each side.

Place the rib eye over the cool part of the grill fat side up, cook for 1 hour with lid down, then turn the roast over working quickly to close cover and retain as much heat as possible in the grill.

Grill the roast approximately 15 minutes per pound but it really depends on the internal temperature of the grill and the size (thickness) of the roast. Continuing grilling until an instant-read thermometer registers 125-130 degrees for medium-rare which should be another 30-60 minutes. Remove the roast 10 degrees before the desired temperature, the roast will rise another 10 degrees well resting.

Transfer roast to cutting board and tent loosely with tinfoil 20-30 minutes to allow juices to redistribute evenly throughout the roast. Cut crossways across the roast and serve. If any of your guest like their roast cooked well done, simply cut off a piece about ¾” and grill another 2 minutes per side over the hot part of the grill.



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