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Do you want to enjoy a great meal, catch a game and then get reimbursed for providing constructive comments?


Without letting the staff know, FANFOOD Visitors patronize one of our member establishments, observe some specific pre-defined criteria, and then answer questions relating to their visit.


The FANFOOD Scouting Report


It’s not just about the food, our members want to know what customers think about their service, how the staff interacts with the FANs, as well as the overall viewing experience.

The information gathered from the FANFOOD Visting Team will help determine whether the establishment is meeting the needs of both the Fan and the business.

FANFOOD Membership is nationwide and we are looking for qualified, and dedicated people for our Visiting Team in all 50 states.


Joining the FANFOOD Visiting Team


The first step to joining the FANFOOD Visiting Team and getting paid to watch sports at our member establishments is to provide us some information about you. Tell us about your past customer service experiences and why you think you would make a great mystery shopper. Once the information provided is reviewed and evaluated, you may be on your way to getting drafted. If you are drafted, you will need to pass our pre-application test.


Do you think you have what it takes?


Please fill out the following information to get started

In order to be considered for the FANFOOD Visiting Team, we need to know a little about you and why you think you would make a good monday morning quarterback.
    Unfortunately we are NOT adding any visiting teammates that have worked as a secret shopper previously. If your answer is YES to this question, you will not be eligible at this time. However, you can choose to submit your information and we will notify you when you are able to be considered for the FANFOOD Visiting Team.


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