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Every FB team has them and it’s usually filled with your 1B#2, 3B#2 or even a fourth outfielder. It’s the UTIL roster spot and while it can be filled by anyone, there are some players in real baseball that can only fill it. They are called the designated hitter and they are designated for your UTIL spot. Here is some information about the DH along with a recipe for you to show off your BBQ skills with a Smokin’ Antipasto.


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FANFOOD FB’13 – Designated Hitter


There are only a couple of players that are eligible only as UTIL, they are Travis Hafner and Jurickson Profar (he will be eligible elsewhere once he reaches the requisite number of games at a position – whatever it is), so I guess the only thing you need to know about the Designated Hitter position for 2013 is that Houston is back in the American League.


Here is the projected DH for each team in the AL:


AL East

Yankees       Travis Hafner

Blue Jays     Edwin Encarnacion

Orioles          Wilson Betemit or Nolan Reimold

Rays               Luke Scott/Ryan Roberts

Red Sox         David Ortiz


AL Central

Tigers             Victor Martinez

White Sox     Adam Dunn or Paul Konerko

Royals            Billy Butler

Indians          Mark Reynolds

Twins              Ryan Doumit


AL West

Angels            Mark Trumbo

Rangers         Lance Berkman, Mike Olt or Jurickson Profar

Athletics       Seth Smith

Mariners       Kendrys Morales/Jesus Montero/Mike Morse/Raul Ibanez

Astros            Carlos Pena/Brett Wallace/Chris Carter



Seeing that I have to talk about someone, let me pick…David Ortiz, even though it kills me to do so. He will be ready to go by opening day, as he recovers from an Achilles injury that hampered him throughout the 2012 campaign. The slugger continues on this projected time frame as he’s confident he’ll be ready. “I’m not completely recovered, but I’m going to be ready to go for Opening Day,” said Ortiz. He has been going through agility drills and says he’s not concerned that he’s susceptible to a recurrent Achilles injury. The veteran was limited to 90 games last season due to the injury, but feels confident he’ll be more available this year. So keep that in mind.

The Red Sox provided Ortiz with the two-year extension he was seeking this offseason. The 37-year-old will earn $14 million this season and $11 million in 2014. Last season, he hit .318/.415/.611 with 26 doubles and 23 home runs over 383 plate appearances.

So where do you draft him? He is going within the top 100 hitters and I think that is about right. It all depends on how your draft is going and your level of hatred of all things Boston.



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Smokin’ Antipasto



1 Large Red Bell Pepper

1 Large Yellow Bell Pepper

1 Large Red Onion

1 Medium Zucchini

6 small red-ripe tomatoes, (Roma or Italian Plum) halved vertically

olive oil

Smoked Sea Salt or Kosher Salt

Shavings of fresh Parmesan cheese (made with a vegetable peeler)

Fresh Herb sprigs (parsley/oregano) for garnish


Antipasto Sauce/Dressing:

½ cup Fresh Parsley, chopped

¼ cup Shallots, chopped

2 Tbs. Fresh Mint, chopped

2 tsp Fresh Rosemary, chopped

1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Tbs Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Tbs Capers, chopped

½ tsp Anchovy paste

Smoked Sea Salt & black pepper to taste:



Prepare your smoker for barbecuing, bringing the temperature between 200°F and 220°F.

Prepare the vegetables and coat them all with oil and sprinkle with Salt.

Transfer to the smoker and cook the tomatoes for 30 minutes, then remove the tomatoes and continue smoking the rest of the vegetables until soft, about 30 more minutes.

While the veggies are smoking, make up the sauce/dressing.

Slice the Peppers into long strips or rings discarding seeds and veins.  Remove any papery skins from the onion halves and slice into thin rings. Cut the zucchini into thin rings or long slices.

Arrange the vegetables on your favorite platter. Drizzle sauce lightly over the vegetables. Top with some shaved Parmesan cheese and tuck in some fresh herd sprigs.

Serve at room temperature with remaining sauce/dressing.


Note: You can chop the vegetables and toss with a penne or rigatoni and mix in enough of the sauce to moisten the mixture for a great smoked vegetable pasta salad. You can also add sliced Italian deli meats and cheese.



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