Eleven Things: Week Seven


We are past the halfway point for the FF season, and while week number 7 was not that eventful, I do have to keep with my rhyme time weekly posts.  Here are “Eleven Things” for week 7 followed by NFL injury news that will affect your fantasy football team and a recipe for roasted bananas stuffed with chocolate that’s sure to be a hit at your next backyard bbq.



Eleven Things: Week 7


1. The race for Rashad Jennings and La’Rod Stephens-Howling is about to begin.

With “what would Jones-Drew” out for this week and probably longer, the talented Jennings gets the start for the Jags, he is probably the best back up RB in the league and can carry your team to the playoffs. LSH had a great game against a tough defense. It helped that his RB1A got in the doghouse, giving him the time to shine. Temper expectations though

2. Parody is not a dirty word in the NFL

Outside of Atlanta, and Green Bay, there really doesn’t seem to be that dominant team in the NFL and both have flaws.

3. There are only 2 teams with a winning record in the AFC

This brings me back to my parody point. Injuries have taken their toll on many teams, and others are just average. It seems like every team has the same amount of losses and wins. Whoever gets healthier faster wins.

4. Felix is Fragile

This was his shot to show everyone in the NFL he is a starting RB for your team. He is in the last year of his contract and if he wants the gig, he has to show teams that he can last a game let alone the whole year. Guess what? He didn’t.

5. Six teams on a bye will mess with your FF team

The powers that be when it comes to scheduling can mess with your team. 6 teams on a bye in one week? The number of byes drop back down to 4 for the next 4. thank god.

6. Ndamukong Suh can’t shed his reputation

His hit on Jay was legal, but pretty dirty. The twitterverse lit up after the game as players on both teams complained in 140 characters or less.

7. OC’s can also mess with your FF team

Ravens OC Cam Cameron decided to attack the Texans defense threw the air like the packers did. Too bad UniBrow is no double A…r.o.n. Ray Rice only got 9 rushes! 9!

8. What we thought we knew we don’t

This goes back to parody in the league. Who thought the Saints & Lions would have this record? Who knew the Texans would be so dominant? Teams in 5 of the 8 leagues are within 1 or 2 losses of each other.

9. Brees throws 4 TDs for 2nd week in a row

If you drafted him in the 1st round, you did good, kid. I actually passed on him in favor of Tommy Boy, and while they are within a mere 20 points of each other, Brees looks like the better option going forward.

10. The dreaded RB Timeshare kills your team

All of the teams that employ this strategy drive FF players nuts. CJ rushes for chunks of yards, but gets his TDs poached, The Bucs run 3 times inside the 5 with LaGarret and he smokes the blount, No one knows who is going to score more FF points in buffalo, and what’s going on with the panthers. Ugg!

11. Josh Freeman is a viable starting QB

Two weeks in a row, he has looked like a QB1 for your team. 6 TDs and 748 yards threw the air will do that. If your league’s playoffs are week 15 and 16 like most and you are not happy with your QB1 matchups, it might be time to roster and wait. That is if your team has even a shot to get there. Don’t be the manager who looses because the other team had the guts to make the move.

NFL Injury Notes Week 7


On the Jaguars’ very first drive Sunday, Jones-Drew got tackled awkwardly. It was announced as a left foot injury and he never returned to the 26-23 overtime loss. “It felt like a little boo-boo but the second time obviously I felt it so I came out,” MJD said. “I wanted to be out there with those guys today.” Coach Mike Mularkey revealed no details about Jones-Drew after the game. He didn’t know the exact extent of the injury and didn’t know if his star back will return for Week 8. What we do know is that Jones-Drew was on crutches and in a walking boot Sunday afternoon…Fragile Felix Jones ran for 44 yards on 15 carries, filling in for an injured DeMarco Murray, but he suffered a neck strain on the second play from scrimmage and a bruised knee later…Fred Davis got tangled up with Antrel Rolle in the back of the end zone and took the worst of it. The contract-year tight end tore his left Achilles’ tendon and is out for the season. The Browns said all week that Trent Richardson’s rib cartilage injury wasn’t that big a deal. Apparently they weren’t being totally forthcoming. Richardson didn’t play at all in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Colts even though he said he could have. Head coach Pat Shurmur benched running back Trent Richardson after eight carries Sunday when it became clear, at least to him, that Richardson’s rib cartilage injury was hurting his on-field effectiveness. After the game, Richardson admitted that he is still being hindered by the injury and said it is worse than people think. But he still thinks he’ll be able to play Sunday against the Chargers…Matt Hasselbeck will make another start in Week 8, and beat writer Jim Wyatt wouldn’t rule out Jake Locker (shoulder)… Donald Brown (knee) is “close” to returning, but trending toward missing one more game. … Chris Cooley is officially back with the Redskins…Shonn Greene (head) is “fine.”… Pierre Garcon’s (foot) will rest for the next couple of weeks and through the team’s week 10 bye…Nate Burleson will miss the rest of the season after breaking his right leg Monday night in Detroit’s 13-7 loss to the Chicago Bears. Burleson, 31, was hurt in the third quarter when he was tackled after making his only catch of the night for 16 yards….Ben Tate sustained a hamstring injury, but the Texans expect him to heal up during the bye week. … Dez Bryant took a concussion test on the sideline but was cleared to return. …preliminary results of Blaine Gabbert’s MRI show a torn labrum in his left shoulder. Gabbert will receive a second opinion from the famed Dr. James Andrews on Tuesday. After that, a determination about his Week 8 availability will be made. Since the damage is on Gabbert’s non-throwing shoulder, it’s possible he could play through this injury…Aaron Hernandez may have tweaked his ankle injury. He didn’t look like he was running well in the fourth quarter and overtime. … John Carlson left with concussion symptoms. …Redskins ILB London Fletcher is headed for an MRI on his hamstring. He’s never missed a game in his 15-year career…Jimmy Graham was unable to play Sunday because of his sprained ankle, but the early word about his Week 8 status is encouraging. The team will test out Graham’s ankle during Wednesday’s practice and they say “Right now, we feel good about it.”



Roasted Bananas Stuffed with Chocolate


Bananas are great cooked on the grill, especially stuffed with chocolate. The chocolate melts as the fruit roast, and the result is an irresistibly gooey mixture.



4 medium-large ripe bananas, unpeeled

5 oz.  milk chocolate

whipped cream


prepare grill.

slice through each banana lengthwise, cutting through the flesh, but without cutting or tearing the bottom layer of skin.

stuff each banana with about 6 squares of chocolate and then wrap in foil..

place banana parcels over medium-hot coals and leave for about 10 minutes.  long enought to mel the chocolate and lightly cook the bananas. They will be soft and lightly caramelized in texture and flavor.

unwrap the foil from each banana and place in bowls, skin and all.

Serve immediately, with a dollop of whipped cream.


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