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- Harvey Weissbanger -


According to urban legend, the Galliano-spiked Harvey Wallbanger cocktail earned its moniker by the effect it had on a California surfer named Tom Harvey. Harvey was said to consume them at Hollywood’s Blackwatch Bar in the 1950s, getting so blitzed that by the end of the night he’d be found banging his head into the walls.

As with many stories in the alcohol business, the truth is a little less intoxicating. Drink writer Robert Simonson went in search of Harvey and could find no record of him. The barman credited with creating the drink, Donato “Duke” Antone, was apparently living in Hartford, Connecticut, at the time—much too distant to be serving drunken Manhattan Beach surfers.

Whatever the actual origins of the cocktail, it became an icon of 1970s drinking culture, catapulting imports of Galliano up to 500,000 cases a year.

The drink that made Harvey a household name was a simple mix of vodka, orange juice, and Galliano—essentially a Screwdriver with a float of herbal liqueur. this is now taken to the next level for beer lovers, replacing flavorless vodka with refreshing hefeweizen. Though any wheat ale could work in this cocktail, the preference for this is for flavorful German classics such as Weihenstephaner, which bring more complexity to the party.

The flavors in this drink are a natural match: The anise and vanilla notes of Galliano go well with the orange juice, and the orange juice pairs naturally with wheat beer. It’s easy drinking and perfect for brunch.




1 oz. Galliano
2 oz. fresh orange juice
6 oz. wheat beer

Twist of orange peel, for garnish



In the order listed, pour the ingredients into an ice-filled collins glass. Stir gently, then garnish with the twist of orange peel





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