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Welcome to the next edition of  the FANFOOD Drink of the Weekend. Every weekend we will provide you with recipes for great drinks that are perfect for your backyard BBQ, or at your next tailgate party.


What’s Red, White and Blue and ON FIRE?


It’s The Patriot 


Do you want to impress your guests and show off your bartending skills this 4th of July? Then do we have a drink for you. Actually it’s a shooter that is layered, colored Red, White, and Blue and ON FIRE!


While it is not the best tasting version of the Red, White & Blue shot (you can replace the white creme de cacao with peach schnapps for a better tasting patriot) it’s the look and the presentation. The key to layered shooters like this is to slowly pour the ingredients over a bar spoon (or cherry) in a certain order according the density of the liquid (see video below). It takes a little practice but after a few tries you’ll have the perfect Red, White and Blue layers inside your shot glasses.



1/3 oz blue curaçao
1/3 oz grenadine
1/3 oz white creme de cacao


This is a layered shot as each ingredient is poured on top of the previous.
Pour the grenadine into a shot glass.
Float the white creme de cacaos on top of the grenadine.
Float the blue curaçao on top of the peach schnapps.

When finished layering, you can fill the bar spoon full of Bacardi 151 or a similar high alcohol liquor and light it by holding a flame below it. You can then tip the spoon and “pour” the flame on top of the drink.

Extinguish the flame before ingesting.

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