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As the calendar flips to the final month of the year, we start to think about championships, football championships that is. December is the time of year where the all the playoff teams are determined, but they got to win it to be in it. The NCAA has adopted a College Football Playoff (CFP) System going forward and the The College Football Playoff Selection Committee, the group that will pick the 4 Schools that will compete for the trophy, makes it’s decision when the final rankings are released this month.The new CFP system will determine a national champion for the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. Under the playoff, four teams play in two semifinal games, with the winners advancing to the new College Football Championship Game. Six bowls — the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Peach Bowl — rotate as hosts for the semifinal games. The rotation is set on a three-year cycle with the following pairings: Rose/Sugar, Orange/Cotton, and Fiesta/Peach. The two semifinals plus the other four top-tier bowls are marketed as the “New Year’s Six”, with three bowls played per day, typically on consecutive days that include New Year’s Day. Of course there are some conference championships played this month that will go along way to determining who these teams are. Click here for the FULL NCAA Football Schedule for the month and links to the new CFP System.


Over in the NFL, this might be the wildest race for the playoffs in NFL history. In the AFC, 11 teams remain with a winning record, a statement that could never be said before following 12 weeks of play. The NFC will also keep some quality teams out of the dance, thanks to a few loaded divisions and one of the worst divisions perhaps ever. On Thanksgiving, three games, all involving a pair of NFC teams, helped to further shape the postseason landscape. In Detroit, the Lions handled the Chicago Bears easily. With their victory, Matthew Stafford and company now sit at 8-4 and in control of the sixth and final playoff seed. Detroit wins the tiebreaker against the Dallas Cowboys based on record against common opponents. Click here for the FULL NFL Football Schedule for the month.


It’s often unwise to put much stock in early season numbers, particularly those that are unexpected. Such cases tend to be rooted in results that are unsustainable over the course of 82 games. That being said, this is the NHL and don’t look now but the NY Islanders are the #3 Team in the FANFOOD NHL Top 10. We got you covered with the NHL on TV and FULL Schedule for the next 31 days.


For the past four years, the NBA Eastern Conference has been, to put it lightly, a joke. Only one season out of these four have all eight playoff teams had a record more than .500, with the eighth seed in each of the last two seasons finishing with a 38-44 record. The East was not only dominated by a few select teams, but lacked talent, experience and legitimate contenders. Over the course of the last six months, all that has changed. The Eastern Conference as we knew it was gone, shattered once again by the greatest player in the league. LeBron James took his talents out of South Beach and the prodigal son returned, giving life to a team that had been gasping for air since his departure three years ago. But they are not the only Eastern teams in the discussion, Toronto and Washington want your attention. Click it here to view all the NBA Games on TV and the FULL December Schedule.


When Army and Navy meet, there is no other game with deeper foundations or greater prestige. The rivalry kicked off 123 years ago when Cadet Dennis Mahan Michie accepted a “challenge” from the Naval Academy and the two squads faced off on The Plain at West Point on November 29, 1890 (Navy had been playing organized football since 1879, and came out on top of the newly-established Army squad). Ever since, through those many years of intense cheers, unforgettable plays and climactic moments, the Army-Navy rivalry has been etched into the minds of countless fans and followers. This year they will play again December 13th, in Baltimore,Click Here for the full details and links about the big game.


Lastly, In this month the 11th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup, a FIFA-organized tournament between the champion clubs from each of the six continental confederations as well as the league winner from the host nation, is going to hosted again by Morocco. Click here for all teams that will be participating, and the Complete Match Schedule.



If you are hosting a gathering this month, make sure to check out the FANFOOD Guide to the Holidays – Tips, Tricks and Recipes for you to use this season.



Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!



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National Football League


As we head into the FINAL month of the season (wow that was quick) New England sits atop of the FANFOOD Top 10 rankings.The Patriots last week beat their third straight division-leading opponent by at least 20 points. A win in week 13 against the Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers & Co) at home will show the world that they are the team to beat in the NFL. In Arizona, the Cardinals were smoked by the defending champion Seahawks in Week 12, dropping them to 3rd place in our rankings.

  1. Patriots
  2. Packers
  3. Broncos
  4. Cardinals
  5. Eagles
  6. Seahawks
  7. Lions
  8. Cowboys
  9. Colts
  10. Steelers


NFL Full Schedule – DEC’14


- WEEK 13 –




Miami @ NY Jets, 8:30 pm EST, ESPN



- WEEK 14 –




Dallas @ Chicago, 8:25 pm EST, NFLN




Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
Indianapolis @ Cleveland, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Tampa Bay @ Detroit, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Houston @ Jacksonville, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Baltimore @ Miami, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
NY Jets @ Minnesota, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Carolina @ New Orleans, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
NY Giants @ Tennessee, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
St. Louis @ Washington, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Kansas City @ Arizona, 4:05 pm EST, CBS
Buffalo @ Denver, 4:05 pm EST, CBS
San Francisco @ Oakland, 4:25 pm EST, FOX
Seattle @ Philadelphia, 4:25 pm EST, FOX 



New England @ San Diego, 8:30 pm EST,  NBC




Atlanta @ Green Bay, 8:30 pm EST, ESPN

- WEEK 15 –




Arizona @ St. Louis, 8:25 pm EST, NFLN




Pittsburgh @ Atlanta, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Jacksonville @ Baltimore, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Green Bay @ Buffalo, 1:00 pm EST, FOX 
Tampa Bay @ Carolina, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Cincinnati @ Cleveland, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
Minnesota @ Detroit, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Houston @ Indianapolis, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Oakland @ Kansas City, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Miami @ New England, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Washington @ NY Giants, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Denver @ San Diego, 4:05 pm EST, CBS
NY Jets @ Tennessee, 4:05 pm EST, CBS
San Francisco @ Seattle, 4:25 pm EST, FOX 


Dallas @ Philadelphia, 8:30 pm EST, NBC 




New Orleans @ Chicago, 8:30 pm EST, ESPN

- WEEK 16 –




Tennessee @ Jacksonville, 8:25 pm EST, NFLN





Philadelphia @ Washington 12:00 pm EST NFLN
San Diego @ San Francisco 3:00 pm EST CBS 




Cleveland @ Carolina, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Detroit @ Chicago, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Baltimore @ Houston, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Minnesota @ Miami, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Atlanta @ New Orleans, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
New England @ NY Jets, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Kansas City @ Pittsburgh, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
Green Bay @ Tampa Bay, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
NY Giants @ St. Louis, 4:05 pm EST, FOX
Indianapolis @ Dallas, 4:25 pm EST, CBS 
Buffalo @ Oakland, 4:25 pm EST, CBS


Seattle @ Arizona, 8:30 pm EST, NBC 



Denver @ Cincinnati, 8:30 pm EST, ESPN 


- WEEK 17 - 


 SUN, DEC 28


Carolina @ Atlanta, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Cleveland @ Baltimore, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
Detroit @ Green Bay, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Jacksonville @ Houston, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
San Diego @ Kansas City, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
NY Jets @ Miami, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Chicago @ Minnesota, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Buffalo @ New England, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Philadelphia @ NY Giants, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh, 1:00 pm EST, CBS 
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Indianapolis @ Tennessee, 1:00 pm EST, CBS
Dallas @ Washington, 1:00 pm EST, FOX
Oakland @ Denver, 4:25 pm EST, CBS
Arizona @ San Francisco, 4:25 pm EST, FOX 
St. Louis @ Seattle, 4:25 pm EST, FOX


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National Hockey League


It’s often unwise to put much stock in early season numbers, particularly those that are unexpected. Such cases tend to be rooted in results that are unsustainable over the course of 82 games. Take Calgary, for instance: The Flames are now fourth in the Western Conference, but are scoring at a rate that isn’t viable long-term. Their shooting percentage will crash at some point, probably soon, and the losses will mount. It’s only a matter of time.

Occasionally, though, we find surprises in October/November that should be taken with more than a proverbial grain of salt. Jakub Voracek’s recent success falls in this category.

Voracek, 25, is currently second in the NHL in scoring (eight goals, 22 assists), and trails Sidney Crosby by just a single point. This production has thrust him into the Hart Trophy conversation, along with some of the best players in the world.

But he’s just a player on a team outside the FANFOOD Top 10, As we head into December, Defense is the key for the #1 Team in St. Louis. the Blues lost two in a row last week (a rare occurrence) but because they are averaging just 2 goals a game they head up the list. Next we have Pittsburgh. The Penguins lost a couple games of their own against our #3 team from New York. Many People may think that because the Pens lost Pascal Dupuis, for six months with a blood clot in his lung, the Islanders should be ranked ahead of them, but we are not so sure. If the goaltending from Jaroslav Halak continues, we might be talking about the guys from Long Island in January as a the top team.

Here are the FANFOOD Top 10 Teams in the NHL Followed by the NHL on NBC and the FULL Schedule for December


  1. St. Louis
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. NY Islanders
  4. Anaheim
  5. Montreal
  6. Nashville
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Chicago
  9. Tampa Bay
  10. Vancouver


Tues., Dec. 2 Tampa Bay Buffalo NBCSN 7:30 p.m.
Tues., Dec. 2 Philadelphia San Jose NBCSN 10 p.m.
Wed., Dec. 3 St. Louis Chicago NBCSN 8 p.m.
Tues., Dec. 9 Los Angeles Buffalo NBCSN 7:30 p.m.
Wed., Dec. 10 Toronto Detroit NBCSN 8 p.m.
Mon., Dec. 15 Tampa Bay Pittsburgh NBCSN 7 p.m.
Wed., Dec. 17 Boston Minnesota NBCSN 8 p.m.
Tues., Dec. 23 St. Louis Colorado NBCSN 8 p.m.
Sat., Dec. 27 Washington Pittsburgh NBCSN 7:30 p.m.
Sat., Dec. 27 San Jose Los Angeles NBCSN 10 p.m.
Mon., Dec. 29 Detroit Boston NBCSN 7 p.m.


All games will be streamed live via NBC Sports Live Extra.



NHL FULL Schedule – DEC’14:


GameGame Time
   Mon 1Tampa Bay @ NY Rangers7:00 PM ET
Florida @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Montreal @ Colorado9:00 PM ET
Arizona @ Edmonton9:30 PM ET
Boston @ Anaheim10:00 PM ET
   Tue 2Ottawa @ NY Islanders7:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
Vancouver @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Nashville @ Carolina7:00 PM ET
Dallas @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
Florida @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Tampa Bay @ Buffalo7:30 PM ET
Arizona @ Calgary9:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ San Jose10:00 PM ET
Boston @ Los Angeles10:30 PM ET
   Wed 3Montreal @ Minnesota7:00 PM ET
St. Louis @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Edmonton @ Winnipeg9:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Anaheim10:30 PM ET
   Thu 4Vancouver @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
Washington @ Carolina7:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
NY Islanders @ Ottawa7:30 PM ET
Dallas @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Buffalo @ Tampa Bay7:30 PM ET
Columbus @ Florida7:30 PM ET
St. Louis @ Nashville8:00 PM ET
Colorado @ Calgary9:00 PM ET
Los Angeles @ Arizona9:00 PM ET
Boston @ San Jose10:30 PM ET
   Fri 5Anaheim @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Colorado @ Winnipeg8:00 PM ET
Montreal @ Chicago8:30 PM ET
   Sat 6Ottawa @ Pittsburgh1:00 PM ET
St. Louis @ NY Islanders1:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Los Angeles4:00 PM ET
Vancouver @ Toronto7:00 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Detroit7:00 PM ET
Columbus @ Tampa Bay7:00 PM ET
Buffalo @ Florida7:00 PM ET
Washington @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Nashville7:00 PM ET
Montreal @ Dallas7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Arizona8:00 PM ET
San Jose @ Calgary10:00 PM ET
   Sun 7Anaheim @ Winnipeg3:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Carolina5:00 PM ET
Vancouver @ Ottawa7:00 PM ET
San Jose @ Edmonton9:00 PM ET
   Mon 8Pittsburgh @ NY Rangers7:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ Carolina7:00 PM ET
Florida @ St. Louis8:00 PM ET
   Tue 9Chicago @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Calgary @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
Vancouver @ Montreal7:30 PM ET
Washington @ Tampa Bay7:30 PM ET
Los Angeles @ Buffalo7:30 PM ET
NY Islanders @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Winnipeg @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
Nashville @ Colorado9:00 PM ET
Edmonton @ San Jose10:30 PM ET
   Wed 10Toronto @ Detroit8:00 PM ET
Edmonton @ Anaheim10:00 PM ET
   Thu 11Chicago @ Boston7:00 PM ET
Calgary @ Buffalo7:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Columbus @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Los Angeles @ Ottawa7:30 PM ET
Carolina @ Tampa Bay7:30 PM ET
NY Islanders @ St. Louis8:00 PM ET
Winnipeg @ Colorado9:00 PM ET
Nashville @ Arizona9:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ San Jose10:30 PM ET
   Fri 12Calgary @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
Los Angeles @ Montreal7:30 PM ET
Florida @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Anaheim @ Edmonton9:30 PM ET
   Sat 13Ottawa @ Boston1:00 PM ET
Carolina @ Philadelphia1:00 PM ET
Florida @ Buffalo7:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Toronto7:00 PM ET
Chicago @ NY Islanders7:00 PM ET
Tampa Bay @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Pittsburgh @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Anaheim @ Winnipeg7:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Arizona8:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
St. Louis @ Colorado10:00 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Vancouver10:00 PM ET
Nashville @ San Jose10:30 PM ET
   Sun 14Los Angeles @ Toronto5:00 PM ET
Calgary @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Edmonton9:30 PM ET
   Mon 15New Jersey @ NY Islanders7:00 PM ET
Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
   Tue 16Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Anaheim @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
Carolina @ Montreal7:30 PM ET
Columbus @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Washington @ Florida7:30 PM ET
Los Angeles @ St. Louis8:00 PM ET
Boston @ Nashville8:00 PM ET
Buffalo @ Winnipeg8:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Chicago8:30 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Calgary9:00 PM ET
Edmonton @ Arizona9:00 PM ET
   Wed 17Ottawa @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Dallas @ Vancouver10:00 PM ET
   Thu 18Florida @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Colorado @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Carolina7:00 PM ET
Washington @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Anaheim @ Montreal7:30 PM ET
St. Louis @ Los Angeles10:30 PM ET
Edmonton @ San Jose10:30 PM ET
   Fri 19Tampa Bay @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Anaheim @ Ottawa7:30 PM ET
NY Islanders @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Boston @ Winnipeg8:00 PM ET
Dallas @ Calgary9:00 PM ET
   Sat 20Arizona @ Los Angeles4:00 PM ET
Colorado @ Buffalo7:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Toronto7:00 PM ET
Ottawa @ Montreal7:00 PM ET
Washington @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Tampa Bay @ NY Islanders7:00 PM ET
Florida @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Carolina7:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Nashville @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Calgary @ Vancouver10:00 PM ET
St. Louis @ San Jose10:30 PM ET
   Sun 21Colorado @ Detroit6:00 PM ET
Dallas @ Edmonton6:00 PM ET
Buffalo @ Boston7:00 PM ET
Carolina @ NY Rangers7:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Chicago7:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Winnipeg9:00 PM ET
   Mon 22Ottawa @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Nashville @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Pittsburgh @ Florida7:30 PM ET
Arizona @ Vancouver10:00 PM ET
San Jose @ Anaheim10:00 PM ET
Calgary @ Los Angeles10:30 PM ET
   Tue 23Nashville @ Boston7:00 PM ET
Carolina @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Montreal @ NY Islanders7:00 PM ET
Washington @ NY Rangers7:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Minnesota7:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Dallas7:00 PM ET
Buffalo @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay7:30 PM ET
Arizona @ Edmonton8:00 PM ET
St. Louis @ Colorado8:00 PM ET
Winnipeg @ Chicago8:30 PM ET
   Sat 27NY Islanders @ Buffalo7:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Ottawa7:00 PM ET
Carolina @ Tampa Bay7:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ NY Rangers7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
Winnipeg @ Minnesota7:00 PM ET
Washington @ Pittsburgh7:30 PM ET
Dallas @ St. Louis8:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Nashville8:00 PM ET
Anaheim @ Arizona8:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Colorado9:00 PM ET
Edmonton @ Calgary10:00 PM ET
San Jose @ Los Angeles10:00 PM ET
   Sun 28Toronto @ Florida5:00 PM ET
Vancouver @ Anaheim8:00 PM ET
   Mon 29Detroit @ Boston7:00 PM ET
Pittsburgh @ New Jersey7:00 PM ET
Washington @ NY Islanders7:00 PM ET
Montreal @ Carolina7:00 PM ET
Buffalo @ Ottawa7:30 PM ET
Toronto @ Tampa Bay7:30 PM ET
Colorado @ St. Louis8:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Winnipeg8:00 PM ET
Nashville @ Chicago8:30 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
Los Angeles @ Calgary9:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Arizona9:00 PM ET
   Tue 30Montreal @ Florida7:30 PM ET
St. Louis @ Nashville8:00 PM ET
Los Angeles @ Edmonton9:30 PM ET
Vancouver @ San Jose10:00 PM ET
   Wed 31NY Islanders @ Winnipeg5:00 PM ET
Tampa Bay @ Buffalo6:00 PM ET
NY Rangers @ Florida6:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Boston7:00 PM ET
Carolina @ Pittsburgh7:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Columbus7:00 PM ET
New Jersey @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
San Jose @ Anaheim8:00 PM ET
Arizona @ Dallas8:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Colorado9:00 PM ET
Edmonton @ Calgary9:30 PM ET


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National Basketball Association


For the past four years, the NBA Eastern Conference has been, to put it lightly, a joke. Only one season out of these four have all eight playoff teams had a record more than .500, with the eighth seed in each of the last two seasons finishing with a 38-44 record. The East was not only dominated by a few select teams, but lacked talent, experience and legitimate contenders.
Over the course of the last six months, all that has changed. The Eastern Conference as we knew it was gone, shattered once again by the greatest player in the league. LeBron James took his talents out of South Beach and the prodigal son returned, giving life to a team that had been gasping for air since his departure three years ago.

What LeBron James was probably aware of, and what has become painfully obvious over these first few weeks of the NBA season, is that this change means a lot of work for the Cavaliers. As we’ve seen, even the greatest player in the world can’t win entirely on his own, and the lack of depth and chemistry has the Cavs faltering early.

This isn’t about what the Cavs need to do to fix things. This isn’t about how James needs to step up as a leader, Kyrie Irving needs to be a better point guard, Kevin Love needs to be more assertive and the bench needs to step up more. If James has shown us anything over the course of his career, it is that although the beginning might be a little shaky, things will come together, and when they do they will be spectacular. Just look at what he did with the Heat. No, this is giving notice to the rest of the East that the timing could not be more perfect to take charge of the conference.

While the Heat were ruling the Eastern Conference over the past few years, several young teams experienced a variety of growing pains. For the Washington Wizards; John Wall’s rookie season coincided with James’ first with the Heat. When Bradley Beal showed up two years later, this “House of Guards” backcourt became one of the best in the conference, if not the League, and began to form the core for a Wizards playoff team that are now contenders in the East. The same goes for the Toronto Raptors, who had to undergo some pretty ugly rebuilding years before making the playoffs last spring.

Currently, the Wizards and the Raptors are sitting pretty at the top of the East, and haven’t faced any stiff competition in their respective divisions so far. The Bulls are sitting in third, the Heat in fourth, with Atlanta and Milwaukee behind them. And sitting seventh in the conference? The mighty Cavaliers.The Cavs will get it together, there’s no doubt about that. At some point the team will gel, LeBron James will regain his LeBron-ness, and the Cavs will wreak havoc on the East. From what we’ve seen, it’s only a matter of time. However, how much time that takes is still up for debate.

The teams in the East can’t wait for the Cavs to come together to turn it up a notch. Teams like the Raptors and Wizards have spent several seasons going through exactly what the Cavs are going through right now, and have moved past those struggles and into the successful part of the process. It would be a shame if they didn’t give it all they had right now. There isn’t time to wait; the East is there for the taking, especially this season. Who’s willing to step up and take it?

All that said, the FANFOOD Top 10 teams are made up of mostly Western Conference Squads and here are followed by the NBA on TV Schedule and the FULL schedule for the month.


  1. Golden State
  2. Memphis
  3. Toronto
  4. San Antonio
  5. Portland
  6. Houston
  7. Dallas
  8. Washington
  9. Chicago
  10. LA Clippers



NBA on TV Schedule – DEC’14:


Click Here for the printable version

NBA FULL Schedule – DEC’14:


GameGame Time
   Mon 1San Antonio @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Miami @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Denver @ Utah9:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Tue 2Milwaukee @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Brooklyn @ New York7:30 PM ET
Dallas @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
Portland @ Denver9:00 PM ET
Indiana @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
Orlando @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Wed 3Chicago @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Boston7:30 PM ET
San Antonio @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Atlanta @ Miami7:30 PM ET
Memphis @ Houston8:00 PM ET
Dallas @ Milwaukee8:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Utah9:00 PM ET
Orlando @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Thu 4Cleveland @ New York8:00 PM ET
Indiana @ Portland10:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Fri 5New York @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Denver @ Washington7:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Boston7:30 PM ET
Atlanta @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Cleveland @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
San Antonio @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
Houston @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
Miami @ Milwaukee8:30 PM ET
Orlando @ Utah9:00 PM ET
Indiana @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
   Sat 6Philadelphia @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Golden State @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ Houston8:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ San Antonio8:30 PM ET
Orlando @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Sun 7Washington @ Boston1:00 PM ET
Denver @ Atlanta3:30 PM ET
Miami @ Memphis6:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ Detroit6:00 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Dallas7:30 PM ET
Portland @ New York7:30 PM ET
New Orleans @ L.A. Lakers9:30 PM ET
   Mon 8Atlanta @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Cleveland @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Denver @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
Golden State @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Utah @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Tue 9Toronto @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
Portland @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Dallas @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
New York @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
Miami @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
San Antonio @ Utah9:00 PM ET
Sacramento @ L.A. Lakers10:30 PM ET
   Wed 10Boston @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
L.A. Clippers @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
Washington @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
Brooklyn @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Portland @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
New York @ San Antonio8:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
Houston @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
Miami @ Denver10:30 PM ET
   Thu 11Cleveland @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
Houston @ Sacramento10:30 PM ET
   Fri 12Portland @ Chicago7:00 PM ET
L.A. Clippers @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Orlando @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
New York @ Boston7:30 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Indiana @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
Charlotte @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
Cleveland @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
Miami @ Utah9:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ San Antonio9:30 PM ET
   Sat 13Golden State @ Dallas2:00 PM ET
Brooklyn @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Portland @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
Atlanta @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
L.A. Clippers @ Milwaukee7:30 PM ET
Memphis @ Philadelphia7:30 PM ET
Denver @ Houston8:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
   Sun 14Golden State @ New Orleans6:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Miami6:00 PM ET
Utah @ Washington6:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Minnesota7:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ Oklahoma City7:00 PM ET
Toronto @ New York7:30 PM ET
San Antonio @ Denver8:00 PM ET
   Mon 15Charlotte @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
Orlando @ Toronto7:30 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
San Antonio @ Portland10:00 PM ET
Detroit @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Tue 16Minnesota @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Miami @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Golden State @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
Utah @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
Dallas @ New York8:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ Sacramento10:30 PM ET
   Wed 17Phoenix @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Atlanta @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
Orlando @ Boston7:30 PM ET
Dallas @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Utah @ Miami7:30 PM ET
Brooklyn @ Toronto8:00 PM ET
Memphis @ San Antonio8:30 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Portland10:00 PM ET
Indiana @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
Houston @ Denver10:30 PM ET
   Thu 18New York @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ Houston8:30 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Fri 19Utah @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
Charlotte @ Philadelphia7:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Boston7:30 PM ET
Brooklyn @ Cleveland7:30 PM ET
Toronto @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Washington @ Miami7:30 PM ET
Chicago @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
Portland @ San Antonio8:00 PM ET
L.A. Clippers @ Denver9:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ L.A. Lakers10:30 PM ET
   Sat 20Phoenix @ New York1:00 PM ET
Portland @ New Orleans7:00 PM ET
Utah @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Atlanta @ Houston8:00 PM ET
San Antonio @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
Indiana @ Denver9:00 PM ET
Milwaukee @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Sun 21New York @ Toronto3:30 PM ET
Memphis @ Cleveland4:30 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Sacramento6:00 PM ET
Detroit @ Brooklyn6:00 PM ET
Boston @ Miami6:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Orlando6:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ Washington6:00 PM ET
Indiana @ Minnesota7:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ Oklahoma City7:00 PM ET
   Mon 22Denver @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Portland @ Houston8:00 PM ET
Utah @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
Atlanta @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
L.A. Clippers @ San Antonio8:30 PM ET
Sacramento @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Tue 23Minnesota @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Washington7:00 PM ET
L.A. Clippers @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
Denver @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Miami7:30 PM ET
Charlotte @ Milwaukee8:00 PM ET
Portland @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
Dallas @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
Golden State @ L.A. Lakers10:30 PM ET
   Thu 25Washington @ New York12:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ San Antonio2:30 PM ET
Cleveland @ Miami5:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Golden State @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Fri 26Brooklyn @ Boston1:00 PM ET
Cleveland @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
Indiana @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
Houston @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
San Antonio @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
Charlotte @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
Minnesota @ Denver9:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Portland10:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
   Sat 27Toronto @ L.A. Clippers3:30 PM ET
Orlando @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Boston @ Washington7:00 PM ET
Memphis @ Miami7:30 PM ET
New Orleans @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
Indiana @ Brooklyn8:00 PM ET
Atlanta @ Milwaukee8:30 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Utah9:00 PM ET
New York @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Sun 28Detroit @ Cleveland4:30 PM ET
Houston @ San Antonio7:00 PM ET
Oklahoma City @ Dallas7:30 PM ET
New York @ Portland9:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Denver9:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ L.A. Lakers9:30 PM ET
   Mon 29Milwaukee @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
Chicago @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
Sacramento @ Brooklyn7:30 PM ET
Orlando @ Miami7:30 PM ET
Washington @ Houston8:00 PM ET
Utah @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Tue 30Detroit @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
Cleveland @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
Brooklyn @ Chicago8:00 PM ET
San Antonio @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
Washington @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
L.A. Lakers @ Denver9:00 PM ET
Minnesota @ Utah9:00 PM ET
Toronto @ Portland10:00 PM ET
Philadelphia @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Wed 31Sacramento @ Boston1:00 PM ET
Miami @ Indiana3:00 PM ET
New York @ L.A. Clippers6:00 PM ET
Charlotte @ Houston7:00 PM ET
Milwaukee @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
New Orleans @ San Antonio7:00 PM ET
Phoenix @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET


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NCAA College Football


As you may have heard by now, the NCAA has adopted a College Football Playoff (CFP) System going forward and The College Football Playoff Selection Committee, the group that will pick the 4 Schools that will compete for the trophy, makes it’s decision when the final rankings are released this month.


The new CFP system will determine a national champion for the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. Under the playoff, four teams play in two semifinal games, with the winners advancing to the new College Football Championship Game. Six bowls — the Rose BowlSugar BowlOrange BowlCotton BowlFiesta Bowl, and Peach Bowl — rotate as hosts for the semifinal games. The rotation is set on a three-year cycle with the following pairings: Rose/Sugar, Orange/Cotton, and Fiesta/Peach. The two semifinals plus the other four top-tier bowls are marketed as the “New Year’s Six”, with three bowls played per day, typically on consecutive days that include New Year’s Day.


The championship game is played on the first Monday that is six or more days after the semifinals.  AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas will host the first title game on January 12, 2015.


Before we can get to the FINAL Rankings, we have some more games to play this month:


NCAAF FULL Schedule – DEC’14:



- WEEK 15 - 


UCF at East CarolinaESPN HD12/4/14 7:30 PM
MAC ChampionshipESPN2 HD12/5/14 7:00 PM
Bowling Green vs. TBA
(at Detroit, MI)
Pac-12 ChampionshipFOX HD12/5/14 9:00 PM
Oregon vs. TBD
(at Santa Clara, CA)
Florida St. vs. Georgia Tech
(at Charlotte, NC)
Conference USA ChampionshipABC/ESPN/ESPN212/6/14 12:00 PM
Rice/Louisiana Tech vs. Marshall
(Home Team TBD)
Houston at CincinnatiESPN/ESPN2 HD12/6/14 12:00 PM
SMU at ConnecticutCBS Sports Net12/6/14 12:00 PM
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 1:00 PM
Fordham/Sacred Heart at New Hampshire
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 1:00 PM
Indiana St./Eastern Kentucky at Chattanooga
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 1:00 PM
Morgan St./Richmond at Coastal Carolina
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 2:00 PM
Sam Houston St./SE Louis at Jacksonville St.
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 2:00 PM
Northern Iowa/Stephen F. Austin at Illinois St.
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 3:30 PM
Montana St./South Dakota St. at North Dakota St.
SWAC ChampionshipESPNU HD12/6/14 4:00 PM
Alcorn St. vs. Grambling/Southern
(at Houston, TX)
SEC ChampionshipCBS HD12/6/14 4:00 PM
(at Atlanta, GA)
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 4:30 PM
Montana/San Diego at Eastern Washington
FCS Playoffs Second RoundESPN312/6/14 4:30 PM
Liberty/James Madison at Villanova
Temple at TulaneESPN2 HD12/6/14 7:30 PM
Big Ten ChampionshipFOX HD12/6/14 8:00 PM
Ohio St. vs. Minnesota/Wisconsin
(at Indianapolis, IN)
MWC ChampionshipCBS HD12/6/14 10:00 PM

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NCAA College Football Bowl Schedule


The 2014–15 NCAA football bowl games are a series of college football bowl games. They will complete the 2014 NCAA Division I FBS football season, and include 39 team-competitive games and three all-star games. The games will begin in mid-December 2014 and, aside from the all-star games, end with the 2015 College Football Championship Game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas to be played on January 12, 2015


Sat., Dec. 20New OrleansNew OrleansMountain West
11 a.m. ESPNvs. Sun Belt
Sat., Dec. 20New MexicoAlbuquerqueConference USA
2 p.m. ESPNvs. Mountain West
Sat., Dec. 20Las VegasLas VegasMountain West
3:30 p.m. ABCvs. Pac-12
Sat., Dec. 20Famous Idaho PotatoBoiseMAC vs.
5:30 p.m. ESPNMountain West
Sat., Dec. 20CamelliaMontgomery, Ala.MAC vs.
9 p.m. ESPNSun Belt
Mon., Dec. 22Miami BeachMiamiAmerican Athletic
2 p.m. ESPNvs. BYU
Tue., Dec. 23Boca RatonBoca Raton, Fla.Conference USA
6 p.m. ESPNvs. MAC
Tue., Dec. 23PoinsettiaSan DiegoMountain West vs.
9:30 p.m. ESPNNavy
Wed., Dec. 24BahamasNassauConference USA
Noon ESPNvs. MAC
Wed., Dec. 24HawaiiHonoluluMountain West
8 p.m. ESPNvs. Conference USA
Fri., Dec. 26Heart of DallasDallasBig Ten vs.
1 p.m. ESPNConference USA
Fri., Dec. 26DetroitDetroitACC vs.
4:30 p.m. ESPNBig Ten
Fri., Dec. 26St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg, Fla.ACC vs.
8 p.m. ESPNAmerican Athletic
Sat., Dec. 27MilitaryAnnapolis, Md.ACC vs.
1 p.m. ESPNAmerican Athletic
Sat., Dec. 27SunEl Paso, TexasACC/Notre Dame
2 p.m. CBSvs. Pac-12
Sat., Dec. 27IndependenceShreveport, La.ACC/Notre Dame
4 p.m. ESPN2vs. SEC
Sat., Dec. 27PinstripeBronx, N.Y.ACC/Notre Dame
4:30 p.m. ESPNvs. Big Ten
Sat., Dec. 27HolidaySan DiegoBig Ten
8 p.m.. ESPNvs. Pac-12
Mon., Dec. 29LibertyMemphisBig 12
2 p.m. ESPNvs. SEC
Mon., Dec. 29Russell AthleticOrlandoACC vs.
5:30 p.m. ESPNBig 12
Mon., Dec. 29TexasHoustonBig 12
9 p.m. ESPNvs. SEC
Tue., Dec. 30Music CityNashvilleACC/Big Ten
3 p.m. ESPNvs. SEC
Tue., Dec. 30BelkCharlotteACC/Notre Dame
6:30 p.m. ESPNvs. SEC
Tue., Dec. 30San FranciscoSanta Clara, Calif.Big Ten
10 p.m. ESPNvs. Pac-12
Wed., Dec. 31PeachAtlantaAt-large vs.
1 p.m. ESPNAt-large
Wed., Dec. 31FiestaGlendale, Ariz.At-large
5 p.m. ESPNvs. At-large
Wed., Dec. 31OrangeMiami Gardens, Fla.ACC/At-large vs.
8:30 p.m. ESPNBig Ten/Notre Dame/SEC
Thu., Jan. 1Capital OneOrlandoACC/Big Ten
1 p.m. ABCvs. SEC
Thu., Jan. 1CottonArlington, TexasAt-large
1 p.m. ESPNvs. At-large
Thu., Jan. 1OutbackTampaBig Ten
1 p.m. ESPN2vs. SEC
Thu., Jan. 1RosePasadena, Calif.CFP semifinal
5 p.m. ESPN
Thu., Jan. 1SugarNew OrleansCFP semifinal
8:30 p.m. ESPN
Fri., Jan. 2Armed ForcesFort Worth, TexasAmerican Athletic
Noon ESPNvs. Army/Big 12
Fri., Jan. 2Tax SlayerJacksonville, Fla.Big Ten/ACC/Notre Dame
3:20 p.m. ESPNvs. SEC
Fri., Jan. 2AlamoSan AntonioBig 12
6:45 p.m. ESPNvs. Pac-12
Fri., Jan. 2CactusTempe, Ariz.Big 12
10:15 p.m. ESPNvs. Pac-12
Sat., Jan. 3BirminghamBirmingham, Ala.American Athletic
1 p.m. ESPN2vs. SEC
Sun., Jan. 4GoDaddyMobile, Ala.MAC vs.
9 p.m. ESPNSun Belt
Mon., Jan. 12CFP title gameArlington, TexasRose Bow winner vs.
8:30 p.m. ESPNSugar Bowl winner


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Army-Navy Game


When Army and Navy meet, there is no other game with deeper foundations or greater prestige. The rivalry kicked off 122 years ago when Cadet Dennis Mahan Michie accepted a “challenge” from the Naval Academy and the two squads faced off on The Plain at West Point on November 29, 1890 (Navy had been playing organized football since 1879, and came out on top of the newly-established Army squad). Ever since, through those many years of intense cheers, unforgettable plays and climactic moments, the Army-Navy rivalry has been etched into the minds of countless fans and followers. All it takes is a visit to West Point or Annapolis, where everything (from the finely manicured hedges to the chant following grace-before-meals) proclaims “Beat Navy” or “Beat Army,” to understand how deeply ingrained this rivalry actually is. Even the history of the 10 times that the game was not played tells the story of Army-Navy passion. The game was canceled once (1909) when Army canceled its entire schedule after the death of Cadet Eugene Byrne in the game against Harvard, twice during World War I on orders from the War Department (1917 and 1918), and twice when the academies could not agree on player eligibility standards (1928 and 1929). However, the longest and perhaps most telling interruption (from 1894-1898) occurred only a few years after the rivalry’s inception. Following a reputed incident between a Rear Admiral and a Brigadier General, which nearly led to a duel after the 1893 Navy victory, President Cleveland called a Cabinet meeting in late February 1894. When the meeting ended, Secretary of the Navy Hillary A. Herbert, and Secretary of War, Daniel S. Lamont, issued general orders to their respective Academies stating that other teams would be allowed to visit Annapolis and West Point to conduct football games, but the Army and Navy football teams were “prohibited in engaging in games elsewhere.” In other words, Army and Navy were restricted to home games and, consequently, from playing each other



“The Game” link:

Official Site


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NCAA Men’s Basketball


A week after dismantling Kansas in the Champions Classic, Kentucky earned all but three No. 1 votes from the Associated Press. After the impressive 72-40 shellacking of Kansas, top-ranked Kentucky earned 62 of the possible 65 first-place votes in the new Associated Press Top 25 poll, 13 more than last week. The 5-0 Wildcats have won their five games by an average of just under 30 points. If you aren’t impressed by the way the Kentucky Wildcats have played so far, you either didn’t watch their game against the Kansas Jayhawks — Kentucky made Kansas look like a JV high school team — or hate the Wildcats more than anything imaginable. Kentucky is the real deal. So is Gonzaga, Duke, Wisconsin, Miami and many other teams. The next best team in the country in our opinion are the Wisconsin Badgers, who are off to a 4-0 start, but they will be tested in the Bahamas. Rounding out the FANFOOD Top 10 NCAA Basketball Teams are the Arizona Wildcats. Arizona was one of the best defensive teams in the nation in 2013-14. With all of the size and length returning in the frontcourt, that shouldn’t change much this year. The only difference may be an improvement on the other end of the court. Brandon Ashley is back, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson will be given a chance to dominate on offense and Stanley Johnson comes in as one of the top two or three freshman in the country. With the senior point guard and seven-foot center in the middle, it all adds up to one of the deepest and most talented teams in college basketball.

Here are the FANFOOD Top 10 NCAA Men’s Basketball Teams heading into December, followed by the FULL Schedule for the final month of 2014.

  1. Kentucky
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Arizona
  4. Duke
  5. North Carolina
  6. Louisville
  7. Texas
  8. Wichita St
  9. Gonzaga
  10. Virginia



NCAAB FULL Schedule – DEC’14:



- WEEK 4 - 


Nebraska at Florida St.ESPN2 HD12/1/14 7:00 PM
Rutgers at ClemsonESPNU HD12/1/14 7:00 PM
Siena at FordhamSNY12/1/14 7:00 PM
Furman at LibertyFlames Sports12/1/14 7:00 PM
Aquinas at DetroitComcast-Michigan12/1/14 7:00 PM
Barber Scotia at USC UpstateESPN312/1/14 7:00 PM
Marist at Boston CollegeESPN312/1/14 7:00 PM
South Carolina at MarshallCBS Sports12/1/14 7:30 PM
Jacksonville at SamfordESPN312/1/14 8:00 PM
Minnesota Duluth at Green BayESPN312/1/14 8:00 PM
Texas Southern at BaylorESPNU HD12/1/14 9:00 PM
Pittsburgh at IndianaESPN2 HD12/2/14 7:00 PM
Niagara at St. John’sFOX Sports 112/2/14 7:00 PM
Minnesota at Wake ForestESPNU HD12/2/14 7:00 PM
Stephen F. Austin at MemphisESPNEWS12/2/14 7:00 PM
(Las Vegas Invitational)
Massachusetts at LSUSEC Network12/2/14 7:00 PM
Mount St. Mary’s at Seton HallFOX Sports 212/2/14 7:00 PM
Stony Brook at CincinnatiFOX Sports Ohio12/2/14 7:00 PM
Georgia at ChattanoogaESPN312/2/14 7:00 PM
St. Andrews at MercerESPN312/2/14 7:00 PM
Georgia Southern at UCFESPN312/2/14 7:00 PM
Syracuse at MichiganESPN HD12/2/14 7:30 PM
Citadel at Co. of CharlestonWMMP12/2/14 7:30 PM
Grand Canyon at UICESPN312/2/14 8:00 PM
Rockhurst at Saint LouisFOX Sports Midwest12/2/14 8:00 PM
VCU at Illinois St.CSN Chicago PLUS12/2/14 8:00 PM
UT Arlington at TexasLonghorn Network12/2/14 8:00 PM
Omaha at Kansas St.FOX Sports KC12/2/14 8:00 PM
Lamar at Iowa St.Cyclones.TV12/2/14 8:00 PM
Mid Tenn at BelmontAmer Sports Network12/2/14 8:00 PM
SE Missouri at MissouriSEC Network PLUS12/2/14 8:00 PM
NC State at PurdueESPN2 HD12/2/14 9:00 PM
Illinois at Miami (FL)
N Illinois at DePaulFOX Sports 112/2/14 9:00 PM
NC State at PurdueESPNU HD12/2/14 9:00 PM
Illinois at Miami (FL)
BYU at Utah St.CBS Sports12/2/14 9:00 PM
USF at AlabamaSEC Network12/2/14 9:00 PM
Gardner-Webb at ArizonaPac-12 Networks12/2/14 9:00 PM
Denver at WyomingROOT Sports12/2/14 9:00 PM
SE Louisiana at GonzagaKHQ12/2/14 9:00 PM
Ohio St. at LouisvilleESPN HD12/2/14 9:30 PM
Delaware St. at Hawai’iOC Sports12/2/14 11:59 PM
Rochester at OaklandComcast-MichiganTBA
Temple at St. Joseph’sCBS Sports12/3/14 6:30 PM
Quinnipiac at SienaTime Warner-NY12/3/14 7:00 PM
Toledo at Cleveland St.ESPN312/3/14 7:00 PM
William & Mary at RichmondCSN Mid Atlantic12/3/14 7:00 PM
Northeastern at HarvardNESN12/3/14 7:00 PM
Charlotte at DavidsonTime Warner-Carolinas12/3/14 7:00 PM
Buffalo at St. BonaventureTime Warner -NY12/3/14 7:00 PM
Butler at Indiana St.WTWO12/3/14 7:00 PM
IPFW at StetsonESPN312/3/14 7:00 PM
Fla Tech at Fla Gulf CoastESPN312/3/14 7:00 PM
Michigan St. at Notre DameESPN2 HD12/3/14 7:15 PM
Virginia Tech at Penn St.ESPNU HD12/3/14 7:15 PM
Iowa at North CarolinaESPN HD12/3/14 7:30 PM
UNLV at Arizona St.Pac-12 Networks12/3/14 8:00 PM
SIU at SIU EdwardsvilleFOX Sports Midwest12/3/14 8:00 PM
North Texas at Oklahoma St.Cowboy Sports12/3/14 8:00 PM
W. Carolina at E. Tenn St.Amer Sports Network12/3/14 8:00 PM
Bowling Green at W. KentAmer Sports Network12/3/14 8:00 PM
UMKC at MilwaukeeTime Warner -WI12/3/14 8:00 PM
Creighton at TulsaESPN312/3/14 8:00 PM
Sam Houston St. at T A&MSEC Network PLUS12/3/14 8:00 PM
Villanova at La SalleCBS SportsD12/3/14 8:30 PM
Auburn at Texas TechESPN3 / SEC Network12/3/14 9:00 PM
UTEP at Colorado St.ROOT Sports12/3/14 9:00 PM
NM St. at NMESPN312/3/14 9:00 PM
Virginia at MarylandESPN2 HD12/3/14 9:15 PM
Georgia Tech at NWESPNU HD12/3/14 9:15 PM
Duke at WisconsinESPN HD12/3/14 9:30 PM
UTSA at Northern ArizonaNAU TV12/3/14 9:30 PM
Montana at CaliforniaPac-12 Networks12/3/14 10:00 PM
Loyola Marymount at USCPac-12 Networks12/3/14 10:00 PM
San Francisco at ColoradoPac-12 Networks12/3/14 10:00 PM
Idaho at Washington St.Pac-12 Networks12/3/14 10:00 PM
Concordia (OR) at OregonPac-12 Networks12/3/14 10:00 PM
Wichita St. at UtahESPN2 HD12/3/14 11:15 PM
CS Fullerton at UCLAPac-12 Networks12/3/14 11:59 PM
Miss Valley St. at Oregon St.Pac-12 Networks12/3/14 11:59 PM
LSU at West VirginiaESPN2 HD12/4/14 7:00 PM
Baylor at VanderbiltESPNU HD12/4/14 7:00 PM
NC A&T at USC UpstateESPN312/4/14 7:00 PM
Morehead St. at UABAmer Sports Network12/4/14 8:00 PM
UTPA at HoustonESPN312/4/14 8:00 PM
Arkansas at Iowa St.ESPN2 HD12/4/14 9:00 PM
TCU at Ole MissESPNU HD12/4/14 9:00 PM
San Diego at San Diego St.ESPNU HD12/4/14 11:00 PM
Texas at KentuckyESPN HD12/5/14 7:00 PM
Wyoming at SMUESPNEWS12/5/14 7:00 PM
FIU at LouisvilleACC RSNs12/5/14 7:00 PM
Yale at ConnecticutSNY12/5/14 7:00 PM
Duquesne at PittsburghESPN312/5/14 7:00 PM
(CONSOL Energy Center)
W. Carolina at MinnesotaESPN312/5/14 7:00 PM
Providence at BCESPN312/5/14 7:00 PM
Florida at KansasESPN HD12/5/14 9:00 PM
Coastal Carolina at AuburnSEC/FSN Regional12/5/14 9:00 PM
Missouri at OklahomaESPNU HD12/5/14 9:30 PM
Mississippi St. at TulaneESPN3TBA
A. Christian at HoustonESPN3TBA
Ok St. at South CarolinaESPNU HD12/6/14 12:00 PM
La Salle at TempleESPNEWS12/6/14 12:00 PM
Rutgers at Seton HallFSN HD12/6/14 12:00 PM
Arizona St. at Texas A&MSEC Network12/6/14 12:00 PM
NJIT at MichiganBTN HD12/6/14 12:00 PM
USC Upstate at Georgia TechACC RSNs12/6/14 12:00 PM
Kent St. at Kennesaw St.ESPN312/6/14 12:00 PM
Wisconsin at MarquetteCBS HD12/6/14 12:30 PM
St. Joseph’s at VillanovaFOX Sports 112/6/14 1:00 PM
Navy at The CitadelESPN312/6/14 1:00 PM
SIU Edwardsville at C. MichESPN312/6/14 1:00 PM
Virginia at VCUESPNU HD12/6/14 2:00 PM
Loyola (Chicago) at UICCSN Chicago12/6/14 2:00 PM
Eastern Michigan at DaytonFOX Sports Ohio12/6/14 2:00 PM
St. Francis (N.Y.) at LibertyFlames Sports12/6/14 2:00 PM
American at IllinoisESPN312/6/14 2:00 PM
Winthrop at MarylandESPN312/6/14 2:00 PM
Green Bay at Miami (FL)ESPN312/6/14 2:00 PM
UCF at Florida St.ESPN312/6/14 2:00 PM
UAPB at Michigan St.BTN HD12/6/14 2:15 PM
UTSA at Washington St.Pac-12 Networks12/6/14 3:00 PM
USF at DetroitWADL12/6/14 3:00 PM
Canisius at NiagaraESPN312/6/14 3:00 PM
Kansas St. at TennesseeESPN2 HD12/6/14 3:15 PM
VMI at MercerESPN312/6/14 4:00 PM
Northwestern at ButlerFOX HD12/6/14 4:30 PM
Colgate at Ohio St.BTN HD12/6/14 4:30 PM
Tennessee St. at LipscombESPN312/6/14 5:00 PM
Gonzaga at ArizonaESPN HD12/6/14 5:15 PM
St. John’s at SyracuseESPN2 HD12/6/14 5:15 PM
Penn St. at MarshallCBS Sports12/6/14 6:00 PM
Hawai’i vs. BYUBYUtv12/6/14 6:00 PM
(at Salt Lake City, UT)
Saint Louis at Wichita St.Cox-Kansas12/6/14 6:00 PM
Western Kentucky at Murray St.Amer  Sports Network12/6/14 6:30 PM
Mnt St. Mary’s at LoyolaMASN12/6/14 7:00 PM
Wake Forest at NC StateESPNU HD12/6/14 7:30 PM
Savannah St. at IndianaBTN HD12/6/14 7:30 PM
New Mexico at ValparaisoESPN312/6/14 8:00 PM
Alabama at XavierCBS Sports12/6/14 8:00 PM
FDU at Notre DameESPN312/6/14 8:00 PM
Alcorn St. at IowaESPNEWS12/6/14 9:00 PM
UTEP at New Mexico St.Amer  Sports Network12/6/14 9:00 PM
Great Falls at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/6/14 9:00 PM
Bradley at MemphisESPNU HD12/6/14 9:30 PM
Boise St. at St. Mary’sESPNU HD12/6/14 11:30 PM
Towson at GeorgetownFOX Sports 112/7/14 12:00 PM
(BB&T Classic)
Colorado at GeorgiaSEC Network12/7/14 12:00 PM
West Ill at Cleveland St.ESPN312/7/14 1:00 PM
Milwaukee at DePaulFOX Sports 112/7/14 2:00 PM
N. Colorado at Co St.ROOT Sports12/7/14 2:00 PM
Charlotte vs. GWMASN12/7/14 2:30 PM
(BB&T Classic)
E. Carolina at N. CarolinaESPNU HD12/7/14 3:00 PM
Radford at Virginia TechESPN312/7/14 3:00 PM
Illinois St. at UABAmer Sports Network12/7/14 3:00 PM
Ole Miss at OregonFOX Sports 112/7/14 4:00 PM
California at NevadaCBS Sports12/7/14 4:00 PM
Missouri St. at Oral RobertsKOZL12/7/14 4:00 PM
Arkansas at ClemsonESPNU HD12/7/14 5:00 PM
Utah St. at USCPac-12 Networks12/7/14 5:00 PM
E. Kentucky at KentuckySEC Network12/7/14 6:00 PM
WVU at N. KentuckyROOT Sports Pitt12/7/14 6:00 PM
Urbana at Wright St.ESPN312/7/14 7:00 PM
Creighton at NebraskaBTN HD12/7/14 7:00 PM
San Diego at UCLAPac-12 Networks12/7/14 7:00 PM
San Diego St. at WashingtonPac-12 Networks12/7/14 9:00 PM


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- WEEK 5 - 


Thiel at Youngstown St.ESPN312/7/14 4:00 PM
Kennesaw St. at ButlerFOX Sports 112/8/14 7:00 PM
Fort Wayne at PurdueESPNU HD12/8/14 7:00 PM
Yale at FloridaSEC Network12/8/14 7:00 PM
Savannah St. at Miami (FL)ESPN312/8/14 7:00 PM
UC Santa Barbara at SMUCBS Sports12/8/14 8:00 PM
Brown at ProvidenceFOX Sports 112/8/14 9:00 PM
North Dakota at MinnesotaESPNU HD12/8/14 9:00 PM
Villanova vs. IllinoisESPN HD12/9/14 7:00 PM
(at New York, NY)
Seton Hall at Wichita St.ESPN2 HD12/9/14 7:00 PM
IUPUI at XavierFOX Sports 112/9/14 7:00 PM
UMKC at Iowa St.ESPNU HD12/9/14 7:00 PM
New Hampshire at RutgersBTN HD12/9/14 7:00 PM
Bowling Green at DaytonTime Warner  -Ohio12/9/14 7:00 PM
Mount St. Mary’s at Notre DameESPN312/9/14 7:00 PM
South Dakota St. at Saint LouisFOX Sports Midwest12/9/14 8:00 PM
Bradley at Kansas St.ESPN312/9/14 8:00 PM
Indiana vs. LouisvilleESPN HD12/9/14 9:00 PM
(at New York, NY)
Texas A&M at BaylorESPN2 HD12/9/14 9:00 PM
South Dakota at CreightonFOX Sports 112/9/14 9:00 PM
Eastern Michigan at MichiganESPNU HD12/9/14 9:00 PM
Utah Valley at ArizonaPac-12 Networks12/9/14 9:00 PM
Idaho St. at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/9/14 9:00 PM
Columbia at KentuckyESPN2 HD12/10/14 7:00 PM
Kansas at GeorgetownFOX Sports 112/10/14 7:00 PM
High Point at Ohio St.ESPNU HD12/10/14 7:00 PM
Rhode Island at ProvidenceFOX Sports 212/10/14 7:00 PM
NC Central at MarylandBTN HD12/10/14 7:00 PM
Monmouth at FordhamSNY12/10/14 7:00 PM
Arkansas St. at PurdueESPN312/10/14 7:00 PM
Towson at TempleESPN312/10/14 7:00 PM
Trinity at ValparaisoESPN312/10/14 8:00 PM
FDU at St. John’sCBS Sports12/10/14 8:00 PM
Incarnate Word at NebraskaESPN312/10/14 8:00 PM
Southern at MinnesotaESPN312/10/14 8:00 PM
Wisconsin at MilwaukeeESPN2 HD12/10/14 9:00 PM
Utah at BYUESPNU HD12/10/14 9:00 PM
Duquesne at Penn St.BTN HD12/10/14 9:00 PM
Colorado St. at ColoradoPac-12 Networks12/10/14 9:00 PM
Fresno St. at Texas TechTexas Tech Sports12/10/14 9:00 PM
Long Beach St. at San Diego St.ESPN312/10/14 10:00 PM
Washington St. at GonzagaESPNU HD12/10/14 11:00 PM
UC Riverside at UCLAPac-12 Networks12/10/14 11:00 PM
Wyoming at CaliforniaPac-12 Networks12/10/14 11:00 PM
Elon at MissouriSEC Network12/11/14 7:00 PM
DePaul at George WashingtonCSN Mid Atlantic PLUS12/11/14 7:00 PM
(Diamond Head Classic)
Maine at Boston CollegeESPN312/11/14 7:00 PM
SC St. at College of CharlestonWMMP12/11/14 7:30 PM
UCF at UICESPN312/11/14 8:00 PM
Texas Southern at FloridaSEC Network12/12/14 7:00 PM
Charleston S at NC StateACC RSNs12/12/14 7:00 PM
Iowa St. at IowaBTN HD12/12/14 8:00 PM
USC Upstate at MarylandBTN HD12/13/14 11:00 AM
North Carolina at KentuckyCBS HD12/13/14 12:00 PM
Radford at GeorgetownFOX Sports 112/13/14 12:00 PM
Wichita St. at DetroitESPNU HD12/13/14 12:00 PM
Stony Brook at ProvidenceFSN HD12/13/14 12:00 PM
Morehead St. at Ohio St.BTN HD12/13/14 1:00 PM
Eastern Kentucky at IUPUIWRTV-DT212/13/14 1:00 PM
Dayton at ArkansasESPN2 HD12/13/14 2:00 PM
St. Mary’s at CreightonFOX Sports 112/13/14 2:00 PM
St. Bonaventure at PittsburghESPNU HD12/13/14 2:00 PM
Pepperdine at Arizona St.Pac-12 Networks12/13/14 2:00 PM
Delaware St. at Rhode IslandOcean State Networks12/13/14 2:00 PM
Oklahoma at TulsaCBS Sports12/13/14 2:30 PM
Nicholls St. at WisconsinBTN HD12/13/14 3:00 PM
Omaha at UMKCAmer  Sports Network12/13/14 3:00 PM
Utah vs. KansasESPN HD12/13/14 3:15 PM
(at Kansas City, MO)
Xavier at MissouriESPN2 HD12/13/14 4:00 PM
Mississippi St. at Oregon St.Pac-12 Networks12/13/14 4:00 PM
Loyola Mary at N. ArizonaNAU TV12/13/14 4:00 PM
Western Kentucky at Ole MissSEC Network12/13/14 4:30 PM
Drake at Green BayESPN312/13/14 5:00 PM
Grand Canyon at IndianaBTN HD12/13/14 5:00 PM
Drake at Green BayTime Warner  -WI12/13/14 5:00 PM
James Madison at East CarolinaESPN312/13/14 5:00 PM
Michigan at ArizonaESPN HD12/13/14 5:15 PM
Oklahoma St. at MemphisESPN2 HD12/13/14 6:00 PM
Northern Colorado at ColoradoPac-12 Networks12/13/14 6:00 PM
Denver at StanfordPac-12 Networks12/13/14 6:00 PM
Howard at RichmondWTVR-DT312/13/14 6:00 PM
Northern Iowa at VCUNBCSN12/13/14 7:00 PM
Sam Houston St. at LSUSEC Network12/13/14 7:00 PM
Oregon vs. IllinoisBTN HD12/13/14 7:00 PM
(at Chicago, IL)
SIU Edwardsville at Saint LouisFOX Sports Midwest12/13/14 7:00 PM
Missou St. at SE Missou St.KOZL12/13/14 7:00 PM
Youngstown St. at Texas A&MSEC Network PLUS12/13/14 7:00 PM
Albany at SienaTime Warner  -NY12/13/14 7:30 PM
Ball St. at ValparaisoESPN312/13/14 8:00 PM
Florida St. at Notre DameESPN2 HD12/13/14 8:00 PM
UL-Monroe at New MexicoROOT Sports12/13/14 8:00 PM
Texas St. at TexasLonghorn Network12/13/14 8:00 PM
UNLV vs. South DakotaMidCo Sports Net12/13/14 8:00 PM
(at Sioux Falls, SD)
N Dakota at N Dakota St.NBC North Dakota12/13/14 8:00 PM
NM St. at Oral RobertsESPN312/13/14 8:00 PM
FAU at UCFESPN312/13/14 8:00 PM
Princeton at CaliforniaPac-12 Networks12/13/14 8:30 PM
Purdue at VanderbiltSEC Network12/13/14 9:00 PM
Cincinnati at NebraskaBTN HD12/13/14 9:00 PM
BYU at Weber St.KJZZ12/13/14 9:00 PM
Tennessee Tech at AlabamaSEC Network PLUS12/13/14 9:00 PM
Gonzaga at UCLAESPN2 HD12/13/14 10:00 PM
Army at USCPac-12 Networks12/13/14 10:30 PM
New Orleans at San DiegoFOX Sports San Diego12/13/14 10:30 PM
St. Peter’s at Seton HallFOX Sports 112/14/14 12:00 PM
George Washington at Penn St.ESPN312/14/14 12:00 PM
Binghamton at Boston CollegeESPN312/14/14 1:00 PM
Fordham at St. John’sFSN HD12/14/14 1:30 PM
(MSG Holiday Festival)
Temple at VillanovaFOX Sports 112/14/14 2:00 PM
Butler at TennesseeESPNU HD12/14/14 2:00 PM
Montana St. at WyomingROOT Sports12/14/14 2:00 PM
Prairie View A&M at T TechTexas Tech Sports12/14/14 2:00 PM
Campbell at Co of CharlestonWMMP12/14/14 2:00 PM
FIU at Florida Gulf CoastESPN312/14/14 2:00 PM
Alabama A&M at Virginia TechESPN312/14/14 3:00 PM
Illinois St. at DePaulFOX Sports 112/14/14 4:00 PM
Louisiana Tech at SyracuseESPNU HD12/14/14 4:00 PM
Coppin St. at ConnecticutSNY12/14/14 4:00 PM
Jacksonville at FloridaSEC/FSN Regional12/14/14 4:00 PM
Wofford at NC StateACC RSNs12/14/14 4:00 PM
Auburn at ClemsonESPN312/14/14 4:00 PM
West Virginia vs. MarshallROOT Sports Pitt12/14/14 4:30 PM
(at Charleston, WV)
Miami (OH) at Wright St.Amer  Sports Network12/14/14 5:30 PM
Montana at MilwaukeeESPN312/14/14 6:00 PM
UNC Wilmington at LouisvilleESPNU HD12/14/14 6:00 PM
Miss  Valley St. at NWBTN HD12/14/14 6:00 PM
Southern at Iowa St.Cyclones.TV12/14/14 6:00 PM
Savannah St. at Kansas St.FOX Sports Midwest12/14/14 6:00 PM
Samford at Wake ForestESPN312/14/14 6:00 PM
Oakland at Michigan St.ESPNU HD12/14/14 8:00 PM
E Washington at WashingtonPac-12 Networks12/14/14 8:00 PM
UNC Asheville at UABAmer  Sports Network12/14/14 8:00 PM


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- WEEK 6 - 


Mt. Vern Nazarene at Clev St.ESPN312/15/14 7:00 PM
Elon at DukeESPNU HD12/15/14 7:00 PM
Appalachian St. at Georgia TechESPN312/15/14 7:00 PM
Georgia Southern at USFESPN312/15/14 7:00 PM
UT Martin at UICESPN312/15/14 8:00 PM
NC Central at MemphisESPN312/15/14 8:00 PM
Texas Southern at GonzagaKHQ12/15/14 9:00 PM
Bethune-Cook at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/15/14 9:00 PM
Grambling St. at Oregon St.Pac-12 Networks12/15/14 10:00 PM
UNC at UNC GreensboroESPN2 HD12/16/14 7:00 PM
(Greensboro Coliseum)
Oral Roberts at OklahomaESPNU HD12/16/14 7:00 PM
Belmont at VCUMASN12/16/14 7:00 PM
Truman St. at Indiana St.WAWV12/16/14 7:00 PM
Drexel at BuffaloESPN312/16/14 7:00 PM
Dartmouth at MercerESPN312/16/14 7:00 PM
Lipscomb at TexasLonghorn Network12/16/14 8:00 PM
Co Charleston at CharlotteAmer Sports Network12/16/14 8:00 PM
Akron at North Dakota St.KVLY-DT212/16/14 8:00 PM
Savannah St. at TulaneESPN312/16/14 8:00 PM
Miss  Valley St. at N IllinoisESPN312/16/14 8:00 PM
Alabama at Wichita St.ESPN2 HD12/16/14 9:00 PM
Arizona St. at MarquetteFOX Sports 112/16/14 9:00 PM
Mid  Tenn  at Oklahoma St.ESPNU HD12/16/14 9:00 PM
Western Carolina at VanderbiltSEC Network12/16/14 9:00 PM
Oakland at ArizonaPac-12 Networks12/16/14 9:00 PM
Tennessee at NC StateESPN2 HD12/17/14 7:00 PM
Hampton at IllinoisESPNU HD12/17/14 7:00 PM
Arkansas St. at Mississippi St.SEC Network12/17/14 7:00 PM
North Carolina A&T at Ohio St.BTN HD12/17/14 7:00 PM
UNF at Florida St.ACC RSNs12/17/14 7:00 PM
Robert Morris at ToledoBCSN12/17/14 7:00 PM
Detroit at UCFESPN312/17/14 7:00 PM
Manhattan at PittsburghESPN312/17/14 7:00 PM
UIC at SMUCBS Sports12/17/14 8:00 PM
TAMU Corpus Christi at DenverROOT Sports12/17/14 8:00 PM
Morehead St. at Green BayAmer Sports Network12/17/14 8:00 PM
Georgia St. at Old DominionAmer Sports Network12/17/14 8:00 PM
UTPA at Saint LouisFOX Sports Midwest12/17/14 8:00 PM
SC St. at Texas TechTexas Tech Sports12/17/14 8:00 PM
Chicago St. at West KentuckyHilltopper Sports12/17/14 8:00 PM
Missouri St. at TulsaESPN312/17/14 8:00 PM
UAPB at HoustonESPN312/17/14 8:00 PM
(Las Vegas Classic)
USC Upstate at MemphisESPN312/17/14 8:00 PM
San Diego St. at CincinnatiESPN2 HD12/17/14 9:00 PM
New Mexico St. at BaylorESPNU HD12/17/14 9:00 PM
Winthrop at AuburnSEC Network12/17/14 9:00 PM
Eastern Michigan at Michigan St.BTN HD12/17/14 9:00 PM
Loyola Marymount at StanfordPac-12 Networks12/17/14 9:00 PM
Incarnate Word at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/17/14 9:00 PM
Central Arkansas at New MexicoROOT Sports12/17/14 10:00 PM
CS Northridge at OregonPac-12 Networks12/17/14 11:00 PM
Grambling St. at WashingtonPac-12 Networks12/17/14 11:00 PM
Cleveland St. at VirginiaESPNU HD12/18/14 7:00 PM
Seton Hall at USFCBS Sports Net12/18/14 7:00 PM
Georgia Southern at StetsonESPN312/18/14 7:00 PM
Wright St. at Western CarolinaESPN312/18/14 7:00 PM
Duke vs. ConnecticutESPN HD12/18/14 8:00 PM
(at East Rutherford, NJ)
Coastal Carolina at Ole MissSEC Network12/18/14 8:00 PM
Appalachian St. at CharlotteAmer Sports Network12/18/14 8:00 PM
Montana St. at South DakotaMidCo Sports Net12/18/14 8:30 PM
LSU at UABCBS Sports Net12/18/14 9:00 PM
DePaul at Oregon St.Pac-12 Networks12/18/14 10:00 PM
Jackson St. at TulaneESPN312/19/14 2:00 PM
St. Mary’s at St. John’sFOX Sports 112/19/14 7:00 PM
Clemson at South CarolinaSEC Network12/19/14 7:00 PM
Tennessee Tech at TennesseeSEC/FSN Regional12/19/14 7:00 PM
Central Penn at LibertyFlames Sports12/19/14 7:00 PM
Niagara at BuffaloESPN312/19/14 7:00 PM
Bethune-Cookman at MercerESPN312/19/14 7:00 PM
Eastern Kentucky at Miami (FL)ESPN312/19/14 7:00 PM
Stillman at AlabamaSEC Network PLUS12/19/14 7:00 PM
Furman at Florida Gulf CoastESPN312/19/14 7:30 PM
Seattle at MinnesotaBTN HD12/19/14 8:00 PM
Chattanooga at Mid  TennesseeAmer Sports Network12/19/14 8:00 PM
Dickinson St. at North DakotaFOX Sports North12/19/14 8:00 PM
UAPB at Texas TechTexas Tech Sports12/19/14 8:00 PM
Alabama A&M at MarquetteFOX Sports 112/19/14 9:00 PM
UTPA at CreightonFOX Sports 212/19/14 9:00 PM
Colorado St. at DenverROOT Sports12/19/14 9:00 PM
E  Washington at CaliforniaPac-12 Networks12/19/14 10:00 PM
Arizona at UTEPFOX Sports 112/19/14 11:00 PM
SMU at MichiganESPN2 HD12/20/14 12:00 PM
Louisville at Western KentuckyFOX Sports 112/20/14 12:00 PM
VCU at CincinnatiESPNU HD12/20/14 12:00 PM
Charlotte at GeorgetownFSN HD12/20/14 12:00 PM
Syracuse at VillanovaFOX HD12/20/14 1:00 PM
North Carolina vs. Ohio St.CBS HD12/20/14 1:00 PM
(at Chicago, IL)
Massachusetts at ProvidenceCBS Sports Net12/20/14 1:00 PM
Mount St. Mary’s at AmericanCSN Mid Atlantic12/20/14 1:00 PM
South Alabama at IUPUIWRTV-DT212/20/14 1:00 PM
The Citadel at Virginia TechESPN312/20/14 1:00 PM
Illinois vs. MissouriESPN2 HD12/20/14 2:00 PM
(at St. Louis, MO)
USF vs. Florida St.FSN HD12/20/14 2:00 PM
(at Sunrise, FL)
Eastern Illinois at Indiana St.WTWO12/20/14 2:00 PM
Drexel vs. Penn St.ESPN312/20/14 2:00 PM
(at Allentown, PA)
South Carolina St. at HoustonESPN312/20/14 2:00 PM
(Las Vegas Classic)
Vanderbilt at Georgia TechESPN312/20/14 2:00 PM
Butler vs. IndianaFOX Sports 112/20/14 2:30 PM
(Crossroads Classic)
Oral Roberts at MemphisCBS Sports Net12/20/14 3:00 PM
West  Michigan at NorthwesternBTN HD12/20/14 3:00 PM
Delaware St. at OregonPac-12 Networks12/20/14 3:00 PM
Lafayette at KansasJayhawk TV12/20/14 3:00 PM
UMBC at Kennesaw St.ESPN312/20/14 3:00 PM
UCLA vs. KentuckyCBS HD12/20/14 3:30 PM
(at Chicago, IL)
Oakland at PittsburghACC RSNs12/20/14 4:00 PM
Southern at WyomingROOT Sports12/20/14 4:00 PM
Detroit at Rhode IslandOcean State Networks12/20/14 4:00 PM
Davidson at Co  of CharlestonWMMP12/20/14 4:00 PM
Wake Forest vs. FloridaFOX Sports 112/20/14 5:00 PM
(at Sunrise, FL)
Texas Southern at Michigan St.ESPNU HD12/20/14 5:00 PM
Iowa St. vs. DrakeMediacom-Iowa12/20/14 5:00 PM
(at Des Moines, IA)
Notre Dame vs. PurdueBTN HD12/20/14 5:15 PM
(at Indianapolis, IN)
Xavier at AuburnSEC Network12/20/14 6:00 PM
Iona at George MasonNBCSN12/20/14 7:00 PM
Texas A&M vs. Kansas St.ESPNU HD12/20/14 7:00 PM
(at Kansas City, MO)
Boston U. at DaytonTime Warner-Ohio12/20/14 7:00 PM
Valparaiso at Fort WayneWFWA12/20/14 7:00 PM
Pepperdine vs. RichmondESPN312/20/14 7:00 PM
(at New York, NY)
Northern Iowa vs. IowaBTN HD12/20/14 7:30 PM
(at Des Moines, IA)
Milwaukee at SIU EdwardsvilleFOX Sports Midwest12/20/14 7:30 PM
Long Beach St. at TexasLonghorn Network12/20/14 8:00 PM
Southeast Missouri at ArkansasSEC Network12/20/14 8:30 PM
Oklahoma vs. WashingtonESPNU HD12/20/14 9:00 PM
(at Las Vegas, NV)
Lehigh at Arizona St.Pac-12 Networks12/20/14 9:00 PM
New Mexico at New Mexico St.ROOT Sports12/20/14 9:00 PM
Utah Valley at Weber St.KJZZ12/20/14 9:00 PM
St. Edwards at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/20/14 9:00 PM
West Virginia vs. NC StateESPN2 HD12/20/14 9:30 PM
(at New York, NY)
Cal Poly vs. GonzagaKHQ12/20/14 10:00 PM
(at Seattle, WA)
Stanford at BYUESPNU HD12/20/14 11:00 PM
Utah vs. UNLVESPN2 HD12/20/14 11:30 PM
(MGM Grand Showcase)
Harvard at VirginiaESPNU HD12/21/14 12:00 PM
Maryland at Oklahoma St.ESPNU HD12/21/14 2:00 PM
Creighton at North TexasFSN HD12/21/14 2:00 PM
Vermont at Saint LouisFOX Sports Midwest12/21/14 2:00 PM
West  Carolina at UNC AshevilleWMYA12/21/14 2:00 PM
Tennessee St. at Mid TennAmer Sports Network12/21/14 3:00 PM
Austin Peay at LipscombESPN312/21/14 3:00 PM
Coker at South CarolinaSEC Network PLUS12/21/14 3:30 PM
USC at Boston CollegeESPNU HD12/21/14 4:00 PM
Seton Hall at GeorgiaESPNU HD12/21/14 6:00 PM
Appalachian St. at AlabamaSEC Network12/21/14 6:30 PM
San Jose St. at Washington St.Pac-12 Networks12/21/14 7:00 PM


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- WEEK 7 –  


Stetson at Florida St.ESPN312/22/14 2:00 PM
UIC at NorthwesternESPN312/22/14 2:00 PM
Ohio vs. George WashingtonESPNU HD12/22/14 2:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Elon at Kennesaw St.ESPN312/22/14 3:00 PM
DePaul vs. ColoradoESPNU HD12/22/14 4:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Miami (OH) at Ohio St.BTN HD12/22/14 6:00 PM
Manhattan vs. FordhamSNY12/22/14 6:00 PM
(at Brooklyn, NY)
Kansas at TempleESPN2 HD12/22/14 7:00 PM
UT Martin at ButlerFOX Sports 112/22/14 7:00 PM
Colgate at SyracuseESPNU HD12/22/14 7:00 PM
Mercer at TennesseeSEC Network12/22/14 7:00 PM
East Tennessee St. at VCUCSN Mid Atlantic PLUS12/22/14 7:00 PM
No  Illinois at Notre DameESPN312/22/14 7:00 PM
Southeastern Louisiana at UCFESPN312/22/14 7:00 PM
Florida A&M at East CarolinaESPN312/22/14 7:00 PM
Oakland at ClemsonESPN312/22/14 7:00 PM
VMI at Virginia TechESPN312/22/14 7:00 PM
Bucknell at Wake ForestESPN312/22/14 7:00 PM
Long Beach St. at St. John’sCBS Sports Net12/22/14 7:30 PM
Columbia at ConnecticutSNY12/22/14 7:30 PM
(at Bridgeport, CT)
Wofford at West VirginiaWest Virginia Media12/22/14 7:30 PM
Coppin St. at MichiganBTN HD12/22/14 8:00 PM
Southern at BaylorFOX Sports Southwest12/22/14 8:00 PM
Weber St. at OklahomaSooner Sports12/22/14 8:00 PM
UAB at ChattanoogaAmer Sports Network12/22/14 8:00 PM
Oral Roberts at Missouri St.Mediacom-Springfield12/22/14 8:00 PM
Incarnate Word at TulsaESPN312/22/14 8:00 PM
UNF at IowaESPN312/22/14 8:00 PM
Furman at MinnesotaESPN312/22/14 8:00 PM
Penn at VanderbiltSEC Network PLUS12/22/14 8:00 PM
Wisconsin at CaliforniaESPN2 HD12/22/14 9:00 PM
Providence vs. Miami (FL)FOX Sports 112/22/14 9:00 PM
(at Brooklyn, NY)
Milwaukee at ArkansasESPNU HD12/22/14 9:00 PM
College of Charleston at LSUSEC Network12/22/14 9:00 PM
North Dakota at MarquetteFOX Sports 212/22/14 9:00 PM
UC Santa Barbara at OregonPac-12 Networks12/22/14 9:00 PM
Loyola Mary  vs. Wichita St.ESPNU HD12/22/14 11:00 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Tulane at WashingtonPac-12 Networks12/22/14 11:00 PM
UC Riverside at San Diego St.FOX Sports San Diego12/22/14 11:00 PM
Nebraska vs. Hawai’iESPNU HD12/23/14 1:00 AM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Southeastern Louisiana at USFESPN312/23/14 1:00 PM
Massachusetts at BYUBYUtv12/23/14 2:00 PM
Diamond Head ClassicESPNU HD12/23/14 2:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Detroit at Arizona St.Pac-12 Networks12/23/14 3:00 PM
Diamond Head Classic Semi #1ESPNU HD12/23/14 4:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Cornell at SienaTime Warner-NY12/23/14 7:00 PM
Stanford at TexasESPN2 HD12/23/14 7:00 PM
NJIT at VillanovaFOX Sports 112/23/14 7:00 PM
CS Northridge at LouisvilleESPNU HD12/23/14 7:00 PM
Sacred Heart at RutgersBTN HD12/23/14 7:00 PM
Wagner at CincinnatiFOX Sports Ohio12/23/14 7:00 PM
Louisiana Tech at NC StateESPN312/23/14 7:00 PM
Holy Cross at PittsburghESPN312/23/14 7:00 PM
Georgia Tech at DaytonCBS Sports Net12/23/14 8:00 PM
Western Illinois at MemphisESPN312/23/14 8:00 PM
Jacksonville at Mississippi St.SEC Network PLUS12/23/14 8:00 PM
Texas Southern at AuburnSEC Network PLUS12/23/14 8:00 PM
Diamond Head Classic Semi #2ESPN2 HD12/23/14 9:00 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Las Vegas Classic 3rd PlaceFOX Sports 112/23/14 9:00 PM
(at Las Vegas, NV)
South Dakota St. at UtahPac-12 Networks12/23/14 9:00 PM
New Mexico at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/23/14 9:00 PM
Arizona at UNLVCBS Sports Net12/23/14 10:00 PM
Las Vegas Classic ChampionshipFOX Sports 112/23/14 11:30 PM
(at Las Vegas, NV)
Diamond Head ClassicESPNU HD12/23/14 11:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Diamond Head ClassicESPN312/25/14 1:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Diamond Head ClassicESPNU HD12/25/14 4:00 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Diamond Head Classic 3rd PlaceESPN2 HD12/25/14 6:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
Diamond Head  ChampionshipESPN2 HD12/25/14 8:30 PM
(at Honolulu, HI)
UNC Wilmington at MinnesotaBTN HDTBA
Wright St. at Ohio St.BTN HDTBA
N Kentucky at NorthwesternBTN HDTBA
Kennesaw St. at IllinoisBTN HDTBA
Georgetown vs. IndianaESPN2 HD12/27/14 12:00 PM
(at New York, NY)
Maine at Seton HallFOX Sports 112/27/14 12:00 PM
Kentucky at LouisvilleESPN2 HD12/27/14 2:00 PM
UAB at North CarolinaESPN2 HD12/27/14 4:00 PM
Santa Clara at St. Mary’sWCC RSNs12/27/14 4:00 PM
Oakland at MarylandBTN HD12/27/14 5:00 PM
Gonzaga at BYUESPN2 HD12/27/14 6:00 PM
Mercer at GeorgiaSEC Network12/27/14 6:00 PM
San Francisco at PacificCSN California12/27/14 6:00 PM
Presbyterian at Virginia TechESPN312/27/14 7:00 PM
Brescia at Western KentuckyHilltopper Sports12/27/14 8:00 PM
Tennessee St. at TennesseeSEC Network12/27/14 8:30 PM
Colorado St. at New Mexico St.ROOT Sports12/27/14 9:00 PM
San Diego Christ at San Diego St.FOX Sports San Diego12/27/14 10:00 PM
Buffalo at WisconsinBTN HDTBA
Tulane vs. St. John’sFOX Sports 112/28/14 12:00 PM
(at Brooklyn, NY)
Central Conn St. at ConnecticutSNY12/28/14 1:00 PM
Bucknell at SienaTime Warner-NY12/28/14 2:00 PM
Morgan St. at MarquetteFOX Sports 112/28/14 2:00 PM
Long Beach St. at SyracuseESPNU HD12/28/14 2:00 PM
Harvard at Arizona St.Pac-12 Networks12/28/14 2:00 PM
Bowling Green at USFESPN312/28/14 2:00 PM
UNC Greensboro at E CarolinaESPN312/28/14 2:00 PM
Texas Southern at Kansas St.FOX Sports Midwest12/28/14 3:00 PM
Northwestern St. at ArkansasSEC Network12/28/14 3:30 PM
Florida Gulf Coast at XavierFOX Sports 112/28/14 4:00 PM
Wake Forest at RichmondNBCSN12/28/14 4:00 PM
Delaware St. at TempleESPN312/28/14 5:00 PM
Miss Valley St. at HoustonESPN312/28/14 5:00 PM
UIC at BradleyCSN Chicago12/28/14 5:00 PM
Belmont at ButlerFOX Sports 112/28/14 6:00 PM
UC Davis at Washington St.Pac-12 Networks12/28/14 6:00 PM
Howard at FordhamSNY12/28/14 6:00 PM
Abilene Christ at Grand CanyonCox7-Arizona12/28/14 6:00 PM
UCLA at AlabamaESPNU HD12/28/14 6:30 PM
Stony Brook at WashingtonPac-12 Networks12/28/14 8:00 PM
CS Bakersfield at CaliforniaPac-12 Networks12/28/14 10:00 PM


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- WEEK 8 -


UMass Lowell at BCESPN312/29/14 2:00 PM
Toledo at DukeESPN2 HD12/29/14 7:00 PM
Southern Miss at LSUSEC Network12/29/14 7:00 PM
Cleveland St. at VCUWTVR12/29/14 7:00 PM
Alice Lloyd at West KentuckyHilltopper Sports12/29/14 8:00 PM
Rice at TexasLonghorn Network12/29/14 8:00 PM
Mount St. Mary’s at ODUAmer Sports Network12/29/14 8:00 PM
North Texas at Texas TechTexas Tech Sports12/29/14 8:00 PM
Hampton at Northern IllinoisESPN312/29/14 8:00 PM
San Francisco at St. Mary’sESPNU HD12/29/14 9:00 PM
Middle Tennessee at AuburnSEC Network12/29/14 9:00 PM
Portland at BYUBYUtv12/29/14 9:00 PM
St. Joseph’s at DenverROOT Sports12/29/14 9:00 PM
Pepperdine at Loyola MaryTWC Sportsnet12/29/14 9:00 PM
UC Irvine at OregonPac-12 Networks12/29/14 11:00 PM
UAPB at StanfordPac-12 Networks12/29/14 11:00 PM
Gonzaga at San DiegoTWC Sportsnet12/29/14 11:00 PM
Southern at Hawai’iOC Sports12/29/14 11:59 PM
Northwestern at RutgersESPNU HD12/30/14 12:00 PM
Iowa at Ohio St.ESPN2 HD12/30/14 1:00 PM
Florida Tech at StetsonESPN312/30/14 1:00 PM
Virginia Tech at West VirginiaESPNU HD12/30/14 2:00 PM
Maryland at Michigan St.ESPN2 HD12/30/14 3:00 PM
Cincinnati at NC StateESPNU HD12/30/14 4:00 PM
Illinois at MichiganESPN2 HD12/30/14 5:00 PM
Davidson at VirginiaESPNU HD12/30/14 6:00 PM
Florida at Florida St.ESPN2 HD12/30/14 7:00 PM
William & Mary at UNCACC RSNs12/30/14 7:00 PM
Oral Roberts at DetroitWADL12/30/14 7:00 PM
Long Beach St. at LouisvilleESPN312/30/14 7:00 PM
Co of Charleston at Miami (FL)ESPN312/30/14 7:00 PM
Montreat at USC UpstateESPN312/30/14 7:00 PM
Hartford at Notre DameESPN312/30/14 7:00 PM
Robert Morris at ClemsonESPN312/30/14 7:00 PM
Charlotte at Georgia TechESPN312/30/14 7:00 PM
NC A&T at South CarolinaSEC Network PLUS12/30/14 7:00 PM
Florida Gulf Coast at PittsburghESPN312/30/14 7:30 PM
Judson at UICESPN312/30/14 8:00 PM
Ole Miss at DaytonCBS Sports Net12/30/14 8:00 PM
Mercer at Texas A&MSEC Network12/30/14 8:00 PM
Kent St. at KansasJayhawk TV12/30/14 8:00 PM
Norfolk St. at BaylorFOX Sports Southwest12/30/14 8:00 PM
McNeese St. at Mississippi St.SEC Network PLUS12/30/14 8:00 PM
Harvard at Grand CanyonAmer Sports Network12/30/14 8:00 PM
Oklahoma St. vs. MissouriESPN2 HD12/30/14 9:00 PM
(at Kansas City, MO)
Carroll at UtahPac-12 Networks12/30/14 9:30 PM
UC Santa Barbara at Oregon St.Pac-12 Networks12/30/14 9:30 PM
Vermont at USCPac-12 Networks12/30/14 11:30 PM
Prairie View A&M at Hawai’iOC Sports12/30/14 11:59 PM
Minnesota at PurdueBTN HDTBA
Penn St. at WisconsinBTN HDTBA
Indiana at NebraskaBTN HDTBA
St. John’s at Seton HallFOX Sports 112/31/14 12:00 PM
Tulsa at UCFESPNU HD12/31/14 12:00 PM
Tulane at East CarolinaESPNEWS12/31/14 12:00 PM
South Carolina St. at FordhamSNY12/31/14 12:00 PM
Temple at ConnecticutESPN2 HD12/31/14 1:00 PM
E Tennessee St. at TennesseeSEC Network12/31/14 1:00 PM
Princeton at Wake ForestESPN312/31/14 1:00 PM
Houston at MemphisESPNU HD12/31/14 2:00 PM
Vanderbilt at Saint LouisFOX Sports Midwest12/31/14 2:00 PM
Bradley at Loyola (Chicago)CSN Chicago12/31/14 2:00 PM
Butler at VillanovaFOX Sports 112/31/14 2:30 PM
Wofford at DukeACC RSNs12/31/14 3:00 PM
Georgia at Kansas St.ESPNU HD12/31/14 4:00 PM
Indiana St. at Illinois St.CSN Chicago12/31/14 4:00 PM
Brown at Rhode IslandOcean State Networks12/31/14 4:00 PM
USF at SMUESPN2 HD12/31/14 5:00 PM
Marquette at DePaulFOX Sports 112/31/14 5:00 PM
George Mason at OklahomaSooner Sports12/31/14 5:00 PM
Air Force at San Diego St.ESPN312/31/14 5:00 PM
Cornell at SyracuseESPNU HD12/31/14 6:00 PM
Wichita St. at DrakeCox-Kansas12/31/14 6:00 PM
Missouri St. at S IllinoisKOLR12/31/14 6:00 PM
Miss Valley St. at Iowa St.Cyclones.TV12/31/14 7:00 PM
Fresno St. at New MexicoESPN312/31/14 7:00 PM
Creighton at ProvidenceFOX Sports 112/31/14 7:30 PM
Boise St. at Colorado St.ROOT Sports12/31/14 9:00 PM
UNLV at WyomingESPN312/31/14 9:00 PM
Georgetown at XavierFOX Sports 112/31/14 10:00 PM


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FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014


The 2014 FIFA Club World Cup (officially known as the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014 presented by Toyota for sponsorship reasons) will be the 11th edition of the FIFA Club World Cup, a FIFA-organized international club football tournament between the champion clubs from each of the six continental confederations, as well as the national league champion from the host country. It will be hosted by Morocco for the second year in a row, and played from December 10th to the 20th.


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Click Here to print the Match Schedule


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FANFOOD Guide to The Holidays


Entertaining Tips

BBQ Tips & Tricks

Holiday Recipes

How To Deep Fry a Turkey

Six Steps to Carving the Perfect Turkey

Beef Tenderloin- How to Trim & Tie

How to Truss a Chicken





John’s Thanksgiving Roast Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

Rub recipe

Brisket Braised in Porter

Perfect Beef Tenderloin

Grilled Rib Eye Roast

Double Smoked Spiral Ham

Bob Bakers Grilled Chicken

Smoked Chicken Georgia Style

John’s Smoked Brisket




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