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We Bring The Right Fan To The Right Place! helps sports bars like yours connect with FANs every day. Whether you’re new or established, we help you get the word out to bring in more customers.

Membership with will help you establish your brand and be a market leader. FANs will find you when they search for Sports Bars in your area and membership will help you establish a strong local presence to get FANs in the door. helps you connect with a highly targeted audience looking for sports viewing options and information. FANs who reference intend to visit a sports bar in the very near future.

With our comprehensive sports bar & grill directory and space provided for marketing and promotion for our member establishments, we bring the right fan to the right place!

Membership Has its Privileges


With your business has the opportunity to effectively promote your venue with a searchable page specific to a team, league or sports package and space for material like logos, pictures, menus, daily specials, coupons, and multimedia. Your member page will feature the FANFOOD Full-Count details, description of your business, a link to your website, a searchable online beer list, team or league affiliation, the sports packages you provide and more.

Your FANFOOD Membership includes a free subscription to The FANFOOD Daily – LIVE Sports TV listings customized just for you, so every day your staff will know exactly what games you offer and what channel they are being broadcast on. In addition, all FANFOOD Members are eligible for the “Sports Bar of the Year” as voted by the Fans.

As a member your business will be featured “In the Spotlight” on the homepage. In The Spotlight is an article written about your establishment, your staff and your unique food and beverage offerings. Members are also eligible to have these offerings included in FANFOOD cookbooks and in THE LINEUP newsletters.

Depending on your level of membership, you can get a pushpin on the map located on the homepage of Your establishment’s contact information will be displayed as a FAN rolls over your position with a link to your member page. You will also have the option to use flash & multimedia, along with your most recent facebook posts, and tweets displayed on your page. Most importantly, members have access to valuable marketing information such as access the FAN Roster in your area, and statistical data that we collect. members can receive a monthly report on the performance of their membership page which you can use to improve your marketing strategies.

Membership Packages


We have three levels of membership in; GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE so you can choose the membership package that’s right for you and your business.

click here for a side-by-side comparison of each.

Curious to know how can help your sports bar grow? Tell us about your establishment to start the conversation. Your business information helps us understand your unique needs, so we can better recommend and discuss the most suitable membership for you.

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