Advertising Choices’s array of features attracts audiences with a variety of interests, and allows our advertisers to target them precisely. You can increase your reach by delivering your message to a highly targeted and relevant audience.


sample advertisement 300 x 250

sample side kick [300 x 250] advertisement


It is important to us to develop a long-term relationship with each of our advertisers. We will give them the information they want and we deliver information on how their ads are performing. We do this by using ad-management services with built-in reporting that sends our advertisers updates on how their ads are doing.


example of a half side kick advertisement

sample half side kick [350 x 150] advertisement


We have many different sizes and zones of where advertisements are displayed on  Your FANFOOD AD Coach will work with you to develop your FANFOOD advertising strategy and can help you choose how and where your ad will presented.


sample full banner advertisement [468x60]

sample full banner  [468 x 60] advertisement


Our dynamic website with a complete personality will assist fans of every sport with social interaction, camaraderie and companionship online and offline, bringing the right fan to the right place. There are many pages with visual, auditory and behavioral elements within that will help you build brand name recognition. offers a range of standard and rich media formats to help you build a strong advertising campaign that reaches your target markets and objectives.


FANFOOD Leaderboard Advertising

At standard dimensions of 780 X 90 pixels, the FANFOOD leaderboard advertisment space is the width of the page and typically lies at the end of a page. FANFOOD Leaderboards offer our advertisers a great deal of space in a prominent position without intruding on content.   The term leaderboard is borrowed from sports, where it refers to a sign board displaying the rankings of participants currently leading a competition.

click here to view a sample FANFOOD leaderboard advertisement


FANFOOD Background Advertising

FANFOOD Background advertising is a web page advertisement system where an advertisement image can be tiled, or watermarked, across an end user browser screen behind our text and other foreground elements of our web page. Coding is created with a background reference to a specific background advertisement.

here is an example of what looks like with a background advertisement. Home page with background advertisement Ad Names and Sizes


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