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The driving force behind FANFOOD.com is the FAN.


FANs like you spend hard earned money on sports merchandise, attending sporting events and patronizing our network of establishments.  It is only right that you receive the best information possible to enhance your viewing experience and save money.

THAT is why we created FANFOOD.com!

Our search function enables you to quickly locate a sports bar and view the pages of our member establishments where fans of your favorite team unite to watch the games. There you will find the FANFOOD Full-Count, a description of the venue, the menu and beer list, upcoming special events, facebook posts, twitter feeds and much more.

We have the largest selection of criteria to choose from to help you find the right place.

No one can perform a search like they can with FANFOOD.com!


To help you decide where to go


We offer the “FANFOOD Full-Count”, a comprehensive list of everything you need to know about the sports bar in a nut shell including how many TVs they have and how many seats there are to view them.

You will know if the establishment has Big Screen TVs, if you can watch games outside, and if you can have your own personal screen. We even let you know if the sports bar offers WiFi for your device, if the sports bar has happy hour specials, party rooms and if it is a good place for your children to tag along.

In addition, space is provided on our site for you to view menus, event calendars, promotions, and pictures from the food and beverage establishments in your area serving up your favorite team.


FANFOOD Memberships


FANFOOD Membership has its privileges!


With FANFOOD.com your business has the opportunity to effectively promote your venue with a searchable page specific to a team, league or sports package and space for material like logos, pictures, menus, daily specials, coupons, and multimedia. Your member page will feature the FANFOOD Full-Count details, description of your business, a link to your website, an online beer list, team or league affiliation, the sports packages you provide and more.

Your FANFOOD Membership includes a free subscription to The FANFOOD Daily – LIVE Sports TV listings customized just for you, so every day your staff will know exactly what games you offer and what channel they are being broadcast on.

In addition, all FANFOOD Members are eligible for the “Sports Bar of the Year” as voted by the Fans.




We created FANFOOD.com to provide answers to the following 10 questions…

  1. Where can I find my favorite sport, league and team broadcast?
  2. When is the game?
  3. Is the sports bar close and convenient?
  4. Can I have a good viewing experience?
  5. Will my fellow fans be there? Will I have camaraderie?
  6. Do they have my favorite type of food and beer?
  7. Can I save money?
  8. What do other people think of the place?
  9. Can I make suggestions on how they can better serve me?
  10. Can I be kept informed of upcoming events?




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